Listen to V V Brown "Crying Blood" (Rieces Pieces Remix)

After producing a banging remix of M.I.A's "XOXO," Rieces Pieces now returns with a remake of V V Brown's "Crying Blood," which is one of his "favorite songs of all time."  Rieces Pieces stays close to V V's original but gives the song a spunky hip pop twist that suits the track well. Totally fun. Grab the MP3 here.

V V is currently back in London to record tracks for her forthcoming second album. She has been working in the iconic Maida Vale studios with different collaborators including Q Tip. Very curious what's on her mind and what sonic direction she will take for this new record. She premiered new song "Sleeping With The Enemy" on her summer tour with Maroon 5, which I thought was ready and primed for the pop charts.

V V fans should also cross their fingers tomorrow night when nominations are announced for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards. There's a possibility that "Travelling Like The Light" will be up for a statue in the Urban Alternative category. 


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Listen to Hoodie Allen "Swimming With Sharks" (featuring V V Brown)


While eagerly awaiting new material from my girl V V Brown (and it is coming soon and it is very good), happening New York MC Hoodie Allen reflips V V's "Shark In The Water" and turns it into a totally fun and stomping party anthem that he has titled, "Swimming With Sharks." Take a bite of that!

Allen's remake is included on his "Pep Rally" mixtape that will be available for free download on Tuesday and is filled with more his punchy rhymes and feel-good, party-starting tunes including his remake of Marina & The Diamonds' "I Am Not A Robot." Download it right here on Tuesday at 12 noon EDT sharp.

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V V Brown Update: Touring with Maroon 5 and Brand-New Song (Very Good!)

V V Brown is just everywhere! After touring France and the U.K. (opening for Pink) and headlining a massive festival in Morocco, she has returned to the U.S. to gig together with Maroon 5 this summer at amphitheaters around the country.

Last week, she also hit the homepage of with her live performance at The Recording Academy in Santa Monica, CA earlier this summer. A little birdie told me that the GRAMMY folks abolutely adored her and she has definitely made new fans there. 

The web site also featured a five-questions video interview with the singer in which she confides that it was absolutely a dream come true for her to be at The Recording Academy in the presence of so much music history. It is an incredible honor for her to featured so prominently on the GRAMMY homepage, and hopefully she will take home a few GRAMMY Awards early next year (even though that's up to its voting members).

I caught up with V V on Saturday in Atlanta, and it was so much fun to see her conquer a large stage after seeing her at club venues earlier this year (including LA's Spaceland for my Superfraiche Pop Night). She performed tracks from her debut album and also premiered a brand-new song, titled "Sleeping With The Enemy," which is very, very good. 

It is the intended first single from her forthcoming second album that she has been recording between gigs. "Sleeping With The Enemy" points to a more electro-edged sound, while staying true to her distinct brand of stomping soul pop. 

The song immediately resonated with the crowd who got on their feet to sing along to its instantly catchy chorus ("serial heartbreaker, serial heartbreaker"). I have no doubt that V V has a massive hit on her hands with this one.

It was a great to spend some time with her and her super fun band mates after the show and catch up. Combining style and substance, V V Brown is the real deal who brings an invigorating blast of freshness to the pop scene  And I'm not just saying that because V V is a friend. The music and the performance speaks for itself. Can't wait for all of you the hear the new track. You will love it.

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V V Brown Releases "Live From SoHo" EP on iTunes


You haven't really experienced the phenomenon that is V V Brown until you see the spunky, retro-styled pop singer perform live. She really brings an oomph, sass and pizazz to her live shows that make her music so totally fun.

The clever folks at Capitol/EMI decided to release an EP of V V's performance at the Apple store in Soho to bring all that V V hotness to more people. Head over to iTunes to download the EP. Tracklisting includes "Everybody," "Game Over," "Bottles," "Back In Time," "Quick Fix" and of course her international hit "Shark In The Water."

All that's missing from this set is her excellent live performance of Drake's "Best I Ever Had." Perhaps we'll get that on a release some other time. Make sure to catch V V's tour with Maroon 5 and Kris Allen at an amphitheatre near you this summer. Seeing if believing!

In the meantime, check out her performance of "Best I Ever Had" at my Superfraiche GRAMMY show in Los Angeles last February. So good.

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She's So Talented: Watch V V Brown "Back In Time" (Acoustic)

C'est superfraiche! V V Brown has just succesfully wrapped up her French tour and U.K. gigs with Pink, and is now gearing up to head back to the U.S. to tour with Maroon 5. Watch a fun acoustic rendition of "Back In Time" that V V recorded for a French web site in Paris. Pure, raw talent. My friends at Capitol/EMI should very much consider to put out an acoustic V V Brown EP on iTunes pronto. She's such a dynamic and solid performer that totally warrants a live compilation. Instant smash. (P.S. Plus it is time to put "Back In Time" on iTunes in France!)

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