Listen to Visitor "Too Far Gone"


Visitor once again serves up a potent slice of '80s inspired synth pop that is sublime. Check out the new track "Too Far Gone" that the band sent over this morning to share. This track (and the excellent "Los Feeling") could be the start of great things for this Brit band. Keep your eye on them.

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Listen to Visitor "Los Feeling" (Monsieur Adi Remix)


Check out this incredibly delicious remix that Monsieur Adi put together of Visitor's hotter-than-hot track, "Los Feeling." If you were loving Flashmen's take on the song, then you must check out Adi's exquisite revamp. It will sweep you right off the dance floor and propel you up into the stars with that distinct new orchestral synth riff. It's utterly brilliant!

"I completed my remix of one of my most favourite songs of 2009 by Visitor," Adi writes me. "I wanted to take the original's melodic nature and emotion to an extreme which was almost impossible to do since it was already high emotion."

"It starts with piano and builds with synths and strings and subtle trumpet. There's an interlude in the middle where the vocals are quite on display and then builds back into a riotous section again  and ends with a chopped outro. The original gave me such good new energy so I'm very happy I got to remix it. The band loves it too and they told me they will play the intro of the remix tonight at the Gold Dust showcase tonight in London where Frankmusik and Erik Hassle are also performing. Hope you like it!"

Like it? Love it! Hope you do as well. Hands up for Monsieur Adi!

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Free MP3 Download: Visitor "Los Feeling" (Flashmen Remix)

Visitor Remix Cover Art

The guys from Flashmen have turned Visitor's arena-ready synth balled into a buzzing electro number. Nicely done. I'm anxiously awaiting fresh new material from Visitor. They're the bomb.

Flashmen is the teaming of Bradley D (DJ from New York’s Famous Friends), Daniel E (singer/songwriter), and Justin E (drums). "Visitor's first single, 'Los Feeling,' struck a chord with us upon first listen," Flashmen says in a press release.

"There aren't enough ballads in this day and age and every time we heard the vocals, they sent chills down our spine. With a one day deadline, we locked the studio door and pumped out our first remix, chock full of chunky 8-bit synths and gorgeous analog pads, with a heaping helping of steel drums near the end! We hope you can sense the excitement and energy that went into making this track."

Download Visitor "Los Feeling" (Flashmen Remix)
Download Visitor "Los Feeling" (Demo Edit)

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