Spike Jonze Interviews Kanye West


If you weren't sure how cocky Kanye West really is, make sure to watch a five-part video interview that director Spoke Jonze conduced with the rapper. "Graduation" is, according to Kayne, his "Thriller" album.

His confidence can be confused as arrogance, and maybe sometimes it is. West goes on saying things like, "I give people better art. My life depends on how good this does" and "What the hula hoop was to America. I want my music, my pieces of art, to be that."

West also talks about what happened at his infamous "drunken" stint at the 2006 European MTV Video Music Awards.

Spike Jonze sits with Kayne and director Hype Williams as they go over the new video for his single, "Can't Tell Me Nothing," in an editing room. He calls the video "his Ferrari," like it is like the climax of his musical accomplishments.

Watch Part "Spike Jonze Interviews Kanye West" Pt. 1
Watch Part "Spike Jonze Interviews Kanye West" Pt. 2

Exclusive Video Clip: The Killers Live From Abbey Road

Check out an exclusive video fragment of an interview with Brandon Flowers of The Killers that was recorded during the group's live session at London's Abbey Road Studios earlier this year.

The clip is taken from the upcoming episode of the Sundance Channel's 12-part Live From Abbey Road series. Produced by Michael Gleason and Peter Van Hooke, the shows features performances and interviews with musicians filmed at London’s Abbey Road Studios in recognition of the legendary studios’ 75th anniversary. The series was initially produced for Britain's Channel 4.

The entire episode will be broadcast on Thursday, September 6 at 10 p.m. EST on the Sundance Channel. It will also include acoustic sets by Gnarls Barkley and The Feeling.

The Killer's performance is absolutely stunning. Even though, Brandon was beating a cold and fever at the time, their acoustic version of "When You Were Young" is breathtaking. They also play a cover of the cover of Dire Straits' classic "Romeo & Juliet." It's a must-see show.

Enjoy the exclusive clip that shows off Brandon and all his sweet and humble self.

(Thanks to Megan for allowing me to post this clip exclusively.)

Duran Duran Presents The Making of "Red Carpet Massacre" Video

Check out this very cool behind-the-scenes video of Duran Duran working with Timbaland, Nate Hills and Justin Timberlake on their new album "Red Carpet Massacre."

Today, it was announced that the album will be in stores on November 12 (Europe) and November 13 (North America).

The video shows previews of the songs "Nite-Runner" (ft. Justin Timberlake), "Skin Diver," "Falling Down" and "Red Carpet Massacre."

The sound of these new tracks is growing on me and all the excitement about this project definitely invokes memories of Duran Duran's heydays.

Timbaland's over-the-top, abundant production style combined with Duran Duran's flashy and decadent aesthetic of the '80s might indeed be a good, new century fit.  A Duran Duran renaissance is surely in the cards.

Do The Dr. Love Dance

This is how the hipsters dance.  Watch this and be inspired for the weekend. By the way, I never knew there was such a thing as the "747" move, but I'm sure gonna try it. This video was inspired by The Bumblebeez' new single "Dr. Love." Have a look.