Music for a Rainy Day: Watch McClean "Broken

McLean perfectly puts into music what a sad, rainy Fall day can feel like.

Check out McClean's video for his major label debut, "Broken." The song is anything but new. The break-up tear-jerker first hit the mighty internets as an independent release in 2006 and has since then accrued over 20 million hits across major social networking sites, including YouTube and MySpace.

Now, McClean is getting a major push from Atlantic Records in the hope it will propel him to the top of the international pop charts. "Broken" perfectly spotlights the British singer's refined, velvety soul vocals that are both powerful and sensitive. It's that rare combination that makes "Broken" such an outstanding performance.

McClean, who is the son of Lovers Rock legend John McClean, is currently working in London on his debut LP.  Together with Asylum/Atlantic Records, the crooner has assembled an A-list team of collaborators, including Fraser T Smith, two times GRAMMY-winning producer Phil Tan (Usher, Rihanna, Snoop, Jay-Z) and Will.I.Am's right-hand studio man Dylan ‘3d” Dresdow. “Fraser brought a real old skool soul classiness to the album. It draws on modern R&B with programmed synths, right through to classic live instrumentation.  But it’s soul all the way through,” explains McLean in a press release.

Watch Seb "News For You"

In his most recent job at Warner Music in London, newcomer Seb "was compiling James Blunt masters and fixing Michael Bublé's laptop," while working on his own music at home. But after running around for the superstars of this world, he finally took the chance to jumpstart his own music career.

Check out the video for his debut single "News For You," a melancholic slice of soulful electro-pop.

Born in London but with much of his childhood spent in the Middle East, Seb comes to the table with a varied mix of influences that represent his diverse upbringing. In addition to George Michael and Daft Punk, the likes of Jeff Buckley, Sade, Moloko and Lauryn Hill have all helped to shape his unique sound.

In a press release, Seb explains his musical point of view. “I admire anyone who makes honest music regardless of whether it’s cool or credible," he says. "You just can’t beat a gorgeous melody over a great beat…and if it’s ok to dance while no one’s watching, all the better.” 

Look out for Seb's single in British download stores on June 9.

Loving the New Calvin Harris "I'm Not Alone"

I'm totally loving Calvin Harris' new single "I'm Not Alone" right now. Mega dance floor stomper with a big, fat synth drop and pumping bassline that pulls you right out of your chair straight onto the dancefloor. You can't ignore it. Reminiscent of those glistenting, trancy Ibizia club tracks. ArjanWrites reader Shree is right.Tthis could easily be the jam of the summer.