Video Interview: Fun Five with Amandah Wilkinson of Operator Please

This past weekend, I spent some time with the girls and guys of Operator Please in Perth, Australia during the One Movement Conference. Operator Please puts out a spunky mix of new wave-ish pop and indie rock that has been compared to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Gossip but is totally their own. 

The group just released "Volcanic," the brand-new single taken from their excellent sophomore album "Gloves"." Even tough the group has no formal distribution agreement in North America, you can can pick up the album on iTunes. Make sure to give it a spin.

Totally fun front lady Amandah Wilkinson and I also sat down for an impromptu Fun Five video interview on Saturday. Fun Five is a brand-new video segment on that features me asking artists five fun questions for their immediate response. Short, to the point and very spontaneous. It's a pretty good way to get to know an artist quickly. Hope you like. (Thanks for all of you on Twitter and Facebook for submitting questions for Fun Five.)

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