Free Download: Plushgun "Just Impolite" (Music from Gossip Girl)


CW's hit show Gossip Girl not only serves up lots of drama and eye candy, but also some great music and emerging new artists that fit perfectly with the evolving story lines of the show. The selection of music for Gossip Girl is in the hands of Alex Patsavas who earlier created a bit of a cult movement around the music of FOX's The OC.

Patsavas tells that the choice of songs for the show is totally driven by the story and the characters on the show. In fact, she explains that the music almost becomes "another character on the show" that is carefully chosen to exactly fit each scene and setting.

Patsavas receives hundreds of demos every week from bands who are hoping to be featured on the show. In evaluating music for television shows she is looking for very specific characteristics. "[I look for] a well-crafted well-recorded track with an interesting lyric. Something immediately compelling," she tells Arjan.

Last week, "OMFGG — Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl No. 1" hit stores with 13 tracks from the popular TV show. Not featured on the disc is the very excellent and moving "Just Polite" by Brooklyn alt-electro outfit Plushgun. The song was featured on Gossip Girl last season, but did not made the final cut of the CD. Download the track totally-guilt-free below.

Download Plushgun "Just Impolite"

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Exclusive: Listen to Landon Pigg "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" (Carmin Rizzo Remix)


I'm not exactly sure what prompted the folks at RCA to commission a few house mixes of Landon Piggs' wistful "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop," but I'm sure the song's appearance on ABC's Brothers & Sisters and the renewed interest in the Nashville singer had something to do with it.

The song was featured on the episode that featured the gay wedding between Kevin and Scotty, which got the show noted and overloaded with well-deserved GLAAD accolades.   

A big applause to Grammy nominated DJ/producer Carmin Rizzo for not turning the song into a run of the mill tribal house stomper but handling the song with the care it deserves. He stripped the track from its folky roots and injected it with a trance-oriented, atmospheric dance beat that adds a whole new dimension to Pigg's delicate original. (Click here to get a totally guilt-free MP3 download of Landon Pigg "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop.")

Listen exclusively to Carmon Rizzo's Space Remix of Landon Pigg's "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" on The remix will not be commercially released.

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