The Good Natured Releases Video for New Single "Skeleton"


Emerging British "dark pop" trio The Good Natured returns with some brand-new material on their new EP "Skeleton" that will be released overseas on June 20. The group already gave us a taste of their eclectic sound when they released "Wolves" in the U.K. earlier this year.

The new single to go along with this new EP release is the effort's title track. And pop afficinados among you will be excited to learn that both "Wolves" and "Skeleton" were produced by Patrick Berger who previously produced Robyn's "Dancing On My Own."

This EP neatly shows off McIntosh development as a songwriter, displaying her mature command of serious pop music infused with sensual and emotional content that drives her lyrics. The title track "Skeleton" packs a raw passion with its frenetic rhythm section and glossy chorus that is nothing less than sheer brilliance. It's a perfect balance between sweet and crunchy. It's pop you gotta chew on to get the full flavor.

"Skeleton" describes the experience of giving up and letting go, taking off your mask and protection, leaving you with nothing to hide. "Rip it all off, give it all you got," she chants. McIntosh talks more about what drives her songwriting in my Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute interview I filmed with her at South by Southwest. Listen to "Skeleton" below and watch the video for the song on YouTube.

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Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan Writes: Chatting with The Good Natured

At South by Southwest, I caught up with British pop group The Good Natured who has just released their brand-new single "Wolves" on Regal/Parlophone in Europe. "Wolves" is a fantastic driving dance track written by the group's 20-year-old frontwoman, Londoner Sarah McIntosh, and produced by the band and Patrik Berger, known for his work with Robyn. Listen to "Wolves" in the player below.

In this brand-new Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute, Sarah and I chat a little bit more about working with Patrick Berger and the feeling of "escapism," which is the deeper underlying theme of new single "Wolves."

"Wolves" will be added as a bonus track to the "Be My Animal" EP that is out in the U.K. now, and has received praise praised by the likes of The Sunday Times, NME and Q magazine and championed by BBC Radio 1, Radio 6 and XFM, among others.

Stay tuned for new episodes of Cherry Pop Chop Minute with some very special guests today and tomorrow at 12 noon PDT.

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The Good Natured Teaser Video

Deliciousness. Listen to The Good Natured here. The British group is performing next month at The Gap's flagship store in London to celebrate the retailer's 30th anniversary. Also scheduled to perform are Erik Hassle, Temposhark, VV Brown and MPHO. For more info go to gap1969.

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