[FIRST LISTEN] Teddybears featuring B.o.B. "Get Momma A House"


Teddybears' new album "Devil's Music" is filled with exciting cameos and collaborations, including vocal contributions by Cee Lo Green, The B-52's and Robyn. The genre-mashing Swedish outfit also teamed up with Atlanta rapper B.o.B. who shows off his spunky vocals on the confident, electro-edged pop ditty "Get Momma A House." A song that is all about getting momma what she wants regardless of "people from the IRS," "the russian mob" or "letters from the government." Mothers rule, yo! It's a super fun and totally infectious tune. (Download "Devil's Music" on iTunes or Rdio)

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Meow! Listen to Teddybears ft Cee Lo Green and The B52's "Cho Cha"


Teddybears' new single "Cho Cha" is all kinds of brilliant. Internationally, the Swedish pop outfit is mostly known for their smash stomper "Cobrastyle" that Robyn has so successfully covered. But the group has a lot more inventive beats on their sleeves and the genius "Cho Cha" is proof of that.

The song is a classy sassy brew that features the vocals of none other than Cee Lo Green. The world's Number One ladies man injects the song's slinky, retro-styled groove with a dose of mellow soul and a whole lotta double meanings. The B-52s Fred Schneider joins him briefly to add a little "sweet, short and fuzzy" to the mix. This tune is so darn irresistible that it will have you purring along the second it hits.

An alternate version of "Cho Cha" first appeared on Teddybears' 2010 mixtape "Stray Bullets," but it will formally released on the Swedes forthcoming new album "Devil's Music" that will be released next month. (Download)

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