Listen to Sebastian Tellier "Kilometer" (A-Trak Remix)


A-Trak's totally brillliant remix of Sebastian Tellier's "Kilometer" sounds like something Justin Timberlake could cover as his new single. It combines soulful vocals, a muscular, funk bass, bouncy strings and some peppy synth pumps  Delicious and very sexy. This "Kilometer" delivers for miles and miles. Listen to the remix after the jump.

Sebastian Tellier is mostly know for his his stint at the 2008 Eurovision Song Festival. His performance of "Divine" at the the international music festival created a controversy in France because it was the first time the French song entry was sung almost entirely in English.

Hipster retailer American Apparel picked up Tellier's album "Sexuality" this summer and put it on sale in their stores around the world. The result? People everywhere are falling in love with Tellier's elegant and sensual electro-pop. Click here to download it at Highly recommended.

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