Road Notes: H&H Car Wash & Coffee Shop (El Paso, TX)


(Note: I like sharing things that I love on this blog. Those can be songs, books, art, films, and also places that I think are worth recommending. It may seem insensitive to refer to travel during a time of a pandemic, but please note that I write from a place of hope, looking towards the future. These places are going to need our support three-fold as soon as they open back up.)

Every town has a place that serves the best local and genuinely authentic food with the greatest care. It's the closest thing to a homecooked meal. Usually, it's not a white table cloth establishment. Most often, it's just a simple hole in the wall diner, cafe, or truck where the cook cares about preparing a great meal for customers from all walks of life.

In El Paso, TX, that place is H&H Car Wash & Coffee Shop. Since the 1950s, the Haddad family has been running this car wash and adjacent cafe that has been become a city staple. The concept is simple.  Get your car cleaned while enjoying some delicious food. The cooks at H&H serve up timeless American breakfast favorites along with some tasty Tex-Mex dishes with a regional twist.

It feels like time has stood still at H&H, which adds to its friendly and familiar appeal. The walls are filled with old movie posters, family photographs, football jerseys, and other sports memorabilia. Take a seat on the counter to watch the cooks do their work, or sit on one of the few tables if you're in a larger group.

Local favorites on the menu include Chile Relleno, Chile Colorado, and, of course, classic tacos that come with a side of Spanish rice and black beans. Top it all off with home-made green tomatillo sauce, and you know what El Paso tastes like. Yum.