Listen to Roisin Murphy "Momma's Place" (Craig Williams Remix)


While we are eagerly awaiting more new material by the infinitely talented and uber-cool Roisin Murphy, a hot new remix has surfaced of "Momma's Place" by the Aussie DJ/producer Craig Williams. Inspired by the sound of bands like LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost, Williams set out to give the track a bit of a New York alt-club sound by incorporating a bouncy new bassline and a grinding, electro edged new groove. (Support new pop and purchase "Momma's Place" on iTunes.)

Watch a Very Special Video Message from Roisin Murphy for

Isn't she just completely fabulous?

Roisin Murphy recorded a very special video message for and all of its loyal readers to talk a little about her brand-new single, the genius "Momma's Place." She explains that her pregnancy inspired her to craft a special message for her little one. The video above also includes some behind-the-scenes footage of the "Momma's Place" single artwork photoshoot. Simply stunning. Listen to "Momma's Place" on Roisin's MySpace page.

Thank you Roisin! xo

Listen to Roisin Murphy "Momma's Place"


This woman can do no wrong in my book. Seriously.

Check out Roisin Murphy's genius new single "Momma's Place" that will officially be released digitally on January 18th. It is a sweeping mash of early '90 club music and contemporary dance pop that go oh-so well with Roisin's bluesy vocals. That bouncy little synth bass and slamming piano interlude is killer.

"So you think you know it all. But that's just the arrogance of youth," she sings. Roisin is showing the ropes. This is how it is done. Move over young ones. This is one hot sassy Momma. Love, love, love. Listen to it her on MySpace page.

Listen to Roisin Murphy "Orally Fixated"


Do you love it or do you love it?

Head over to Roisin Murphy's MySpace page to listen to her brand-new single "Orally Fixated." The song will be available for digital download on November 16 in the U.K. and one day later in the U.S.. British newspaper website The Guardian will offer a free download of the song for 48 hours in the next few days. Keep hitting that refresh button!

My first impression: I love every second of "Orally Fixated" - from the way it builds with that propulsive, gritty rhythm track and the melodic chorus with those sleek and subtle synth flourishes. The electric guitar riff is a fitting, welcome surprise that complements the electro-pop arrangements very well. Ah, and those lyrics, so Roisin. This is so good. Drink it up. (Cover art was done by Mark Squires.)

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