My Personal Memory About Michel Jackson, King of Pop


"His individuality inspired.'

Michael Jackson has passed away. The world will not be the same without him, but his music and legacy will live on forever.

We all have our own special Michael Jackson memories. Michael Jackson also has a special place in my life. He started my love for music and my infatuation with America.

I remember seeing the "Beat It" video play on Dutch television when it first came out. It wasn't a full on music channel that played it, but a program called "Top Pop," a weekly hour-long chart show that showcased videos and live performances.

"Beat It" caught me immediately. It was unlike anything I had seen before. I didn't speak English. I didn't understand the lyrics. I didn't even know what "beat it" meant. But I was mesmerized by its exuberance, the energy of song and Michael's out of this world delivery. The way he spun in that red leather jacket around the pool table will be ingrained in my memory forever.

I went out to a local Amsterdam department store with my piggy bank savings and bought the vinyl single. It was the first single I bought, he was the first idol I ever had. I still cherish that vinyl. The sleeve of the single is pictured above. I practiced his dance moves, studied the video, lip-synced to the song. I was enthralled. Forever.

It is not something I easily admit, but I did not grow up in the best of circumstances. Michael Jackson's magic made me dream, made want to become something. He started my infatuation with America. It was the place where special things happened, where you could be what you wanted to be. Michael Jackson was proof of that. His individuality inspired. Now that I'm here, I credit Michael for starting my dream.

Thank you for the music, Michael Jackson. I will be playing your songs.

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