The Mission District Remix Contest: Vote for Your Favorite "Heartbreaker" Remix!


A few weeks ago, Canadian pop-rockers The Mission District and launched a special remix contest to celebrate the release of their new single.  DJs, remixers, engineers, producers an all you other creative folks were invited to download the stems of "Heartbreaker" and put together their own remix with a chance to be featured as the B-side of the group's major label single release.

Over the past months, I received twenty-one remixes from across the world. Some really impressive stuff. Thanks for that! Listen to the remixes in the player below and vote for your favorite remix after the jump. Again, the remix with the most votes will win the exclusive B-side single release.

Vote for your favorite remix after the break. Voting closes on June 25, 2009.

Voting has closed.

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The Mission District is one of the freshest new things to come from Canada this year. The handsome pop-rockers are working up a storm overseas with their super fun and hyper-catchy tunes. Signed to EMI, these emerging melody makers worked with heavy-hitters like Andy Green (The Feeling, Keane), Mark Needman (The Killers, Block Party, Metrostation) on their forthcoming debut LP.

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Mission District's debut single,  the group and are launching a special remix contest.

DJs, remixers, engineers, producers and all you other savvy and creative folks out there are invited to remix the track "Heartbreaker." Chop it up and put it back together to serve it in your own unique way.

From submitted entries, readers and fans can vote for their favorite remix. The remix that receives the most votes will win.

What's to win? The winning remix will be featured as the B-side of their debut, major label single release. That's an incredible opportunity for all your budding remixers out there to get noticed!

What now? Head over to Remix Contest page at SoundCloud to download all the stems for the track. When you are done remixing, upload your remix to the Remix Contest Dropbox. Deadline for submitting your remix is May 15.

Have fun with it! I will keep you posted about the remixes and voting process.

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