Video Premiere: Private "Crucify My Heart"

Goth meets Europop on this brilliant new video for Private's "Crucify My Heart." I love how the fierce Jennifer Hudson lookalike suddenly appears out of nowhere and the trio's dance moves are priceless.

The group's last single "My Secret Lover" went straight to number one in Denmark and this new track will likely be another big smash in the charts. This song in particular reminds me a lot of sweet '80s tunes from artists like Scritti Politti and Jermaine Stewart. Excellent stuff.

Plans are made for a release of Private's debut album in the United States in 2008, so hang tight for that. For more background information about the Danish trio, go here. Brent let me know you can the album at if you can't wait for a proper U.S. release.

(Thank you Aymarius and Brent for the correction.)

Listen to New Private "We Got Some Breaking Up To Do"

Everybody's buzzing about Private.

Check out "We Got Some Breaking Up To Do," another mighty fine and delicious pop ditty from the Danish trio. It features more of Thomas Troelsen's '80s throwback vocals, quirky sound effects and swirling synth riffs.

The track is taken from the group's debut album "My Secret Lover" that is out in Danish record stores now.

With the global demand for the group increasing, the big question is when Universal plans to release the CD in other countries. Currently, the record is exclusively available for purchase in Danish (download) stores (like here and here), but only in DRM-protected WMA format.

This is one of those cases that big record labels simply don't get it. If the demand is out there, simply make it available digitally. Minimal effort for them, maximum satisfaction for music lovers. Plus, it will limit the illegal downloading that they are so worried about. (A big thank you to Thomas for allowing me to share this track on