Video: Arjan chats with Porcelain Black

Some of the most fun interviews happen when you least expect them. Check out my impromptu video interview with Porcelain Black in the back of her tour bus. Porcelain is currently on tour with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, and I caught up with her at a recent tour stop. 

The spunky Detroit singer is about to shake up the pop scene with her flaming brew of pop rock that is infused with a hefty dose of confidence. Her much-anticipated, RedOne-produced debut single "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like is a massive success online with millions of plays online. Porcelain played a few more tracks that she worked on with RedOne (including "Mannequin") and the material is dynamite. It's melodic, it's raw, it's pop, it's rock and it is unlike anything I've heard before.

Back to our little get together. I wasn't sure if I should actually publish this video interview because of the poor lighting and talking in the background (which is Yelawolf in the front of the bus), but the last 5 seconds of the interview pretty much sum up the very essence of Porcelain Black.

Yes, this is what rock 'n roll looks like, and I just had to share it. This new pop kitten cannot be tamed! (Pardon the expletives. Porcelain tells it like it is.)

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Hit Producer RedOne Featured on This Week's Billboard Cover + Q&A


Moroccan/Swedish hit producer and pop maestro extraordinare RedOne is featured on the cover of this week's issue of Billboard, and talks to the music magazine about some of his current projects (Jennifer Lopez, U2) and his break-through work with Lady Gaga. RedOne has been a driving force behind Lady Gaga's global success and any coverage he gets is more than deserved.

The article does not explore his work with Mohombi, Porcelain Black and Zander Bleck, three very exciting new artists that RedOne is helping to develop, write and produce for. Stay tuned to this blog for updates about all of these hot new talents because, they're quite frankly some of the most promising new pop acts to hit the scene this year. And you know that if RedOne is involved, it's going to be good.

A few outtakes from RedOne's Billboard interview

RedOne on his chart-topping sound: "The songwriting is the first thing, before any sound. Musically, I feel like I have no boundaries. I can do rock, disco, dance, whatever. I'm always thinking about a strong melody that travels the world."

RedOne on working with U2: "I'm a guitar player, so it was just me and Bono and Edge playing guitar, exchanging melodies. We were just like musicians jamming. I loved it."

RedOne on writing "Poker Face" in an hour: "Yeah. We hit it on the right spot. It's like, 'Hey, this works. 'But if [Lady Gaga and I] come up with different suggestions, we respect each other, both the positive or the negative."

Read the entire Q&A with RedOne in BillBoard here.

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Free iTunes Download: Porcelain Black "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like"

It's a new generation: Zander Bleck, Porcelain Black and Mohombi

There's simply nothing stopping Porcelain Black. The spunky Detroit singer is about to shake up the pop scene with her flaming brew of pop rock that is infused with a hefty dose of confidence. Her much-anticipated, RedOne-produced debut single "This What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like" was released last week and without any major promotion the song burst into the iTunes single chart. A very impressive accomplishment. 

To fuel Porcelain's fire, Apple is featuring the song as their free iTunes download this week. So go ahead and click over to iTunes and grab the song here totally free. And while you're at it grab the official iPhone and iPod app as well to read music new, stream music and watch video interviews. Stay tuned for more updates about Porcelain Black very soon.

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Ready to Pop: Porcelain Black "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like"


Are you "ready to rage"?

Brace yourself. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Detroit singer Porcelain Black is about to unleash her ferocious brand of pop upon the masses and she surely will be shattering a few conventions in the process. Her major label debut single, the aptly-titled This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like, is finally being released today and it will give people a good taste of what this emerging new pop sensation is all about.

The single was produced by none other than GRAMMY-winning super producer Red One. After writing and producing global mega hits for people like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Kat DeLuna, Red One is about to deliver some of his finest work yet. For the past 18 months, Red One has helped develop a few brand-new artists from the ground up who support him in his effort to write a new chapter in pop.

Last week, I introduced you to charismatic New York pop rocker Zander Bleck who has been on the road with Red One while he was in Europe touring along with Lady Gaga to work on her new album. Bleck brings a passion and poise to Red One's universal pop sound that make him a bright new talent to keep your eye.

Red One has also been working with spunky Detroit rock singer Porcelain Black (of Porcelain & The Tramps fame) to create a bold new pop sound that will challenge what people have come to expect from Red One. The producer is a rocker at heart and Porcelain Black's new single gives us a glimpse of that.

The potent "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like" is a rambunctious slice of pop rock that perfectly fits Porcelain's audacious personality featuring her gritty vocals that neatly balance Red One's slick and infectious production stylings. Dynamite stuff. (Support new pop and download "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like" on

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