Listen to New Temposhark Podcast


After releasing their catchy summer tune "Joy," Arjan Writes fave Temposhark are currently back in the studio to record new material. They have also been approached by other artists for remix and production work, including Darren Hayes and Norwegian songstress Kate Havnevik. Kate is featured on the group's latest podcast with a brief interview in which she talks about her new album. This totally fun broadcast was recorded on the streets of Paris and back in their studio in London. It's hilarious when keyboard player Luke Busby makes fun of singer Rob Diament's obsession with female pop stars. Also discussed are Kylie, Paris Hilton, Tori Amos, Regina Spector and Strangers With Candy. Fabulous times! This is a great podcast to subscribe to if you want keep up to date with the hot and happening pop scene in London.

(Anybody recognize the shirt Temposhark singer Rob Diament is wearing? Get one here.)

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Podcast: Attention Deficit Disco


DJ Earworm wrote me that he is not only putting together the beats for the monthly FAGGOT party, but also for Attention Deficit Disco, a brand-new club night in San Fransisco. The event is held every third Saturday of the month at The Transfer. Earworm produces a monthly podcast of the music that is a compilation of the tunes he is spinning at the party. So if you're in need of some extra stimulation, add the postcast feed to your RSS reader. Last month's broadcast is stylistic all over the map with tracks by The Who, Keysha Cole, Xavier, Imogen Heap, Kasabian and others.

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FAGGOT First Wednesdays & Podcast


San Francisco's FAGGOT First Wednesdays is one of the hottest queer parties in the country. With popular mash-up artist DJ Earwom behind the turntables, this party easily rivals the hip and sassy gay dens of Manhattan's East Village. The party's website describes FAGGOT as "the center of the gay universe for a night like no other night in the Castro [with] a bunch of rowdy faggots for boozing, cruising and causing trouble." If you're not in San Fransisco and want to get a taste of FAGGOT, make sure to check out the monthly podcasts that Earworm puts together. If the pop debauchery of his sets are a good indication then FAGGOT is for sure a night not to be missed. The FAGGOT podcasts include tunes by Fischerspooner, Annie, Eurythmics, Blur, The Killers, Console, Miss Kittin and many others. Add the FAGGOT podcast feed to your RSS reader or stream the broadcasts here. The next FAGGOT Party is this upcoming Wednesday at Daddy's (440 Castro Street).

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