Scissor Sisters Kick Off Japanese Tour, Film New Video, Duet with PSB


Scissor Sisters kicked off their Japanese tour last night at the Tokyo Zepp Theatre. Jake is wearing a Disney inspired suit designed by Zaldy. While they were in town, the group also shot the video for their next U.K. single "She's My Man" directed by acclaimed Japanese director Nagi Noda.

In related news, Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant writes on the Pet Shop Boys web site that he will performing a song with Scissor Sisters on stage next month at a Body & Soul charity gig in London. (Thanks to Jordan for this little tidbit.)

Superhero Shears


Who needs Spiderman if you can have Jake Shears? Check out this fantastic superhero shot of Shears giving it his all (as usual) on stage in Birmingham on Tuesday evening. Paul saw the show and wrote a brief review. He writes that one of the night's highlights was the performance of "Land Of A Thousand Words, "the best Bond theme never written and performed below thousands of twinkling lights." If you missed the excellent new video for the new Scissor Sisters video, catch it here.

Scissor Sisters New Single Rumors


Psst! A source close to Scissor Sisters told me last night that the new single for the group in the U.K. will probably be the epic ballad "Land Of A Thousand Words." The second single choice for the U.S. is still up the air, but I think it should be "Ooh." Keep up the tempo guys!

When you have moment, check out Kevin's fantastic photos of Scissor Sisters' gig in New York last Saturday. He caught Jake tearing up a boa, because he "hates feather boas," he told the audience.