Pharrell Featured in New Microsoft Commercial

Microsoft's "I'm A PC" advertising campaign is finally picking up steam with Pharrell Williams in a leading role. Earlier, Jerry Seinfeld teamed with Bill Gates in a commercial to give the PC a cool, new edge. Obviously, Pharrell Williams is a much more appropriate spokesperson to explain that Microsoft is not all that stodgy and to help the company refresh its brand.

A very pensive Pharrell talks about N.E.R.D and how it connects to new technology. "Einstein said that energy couldn't be created or destroyed," the musician says in the commercial, explaining that "no one ever really dies," which is what N.E.R.D stands for.

Los Angeles Times writer Maria Russo points out that Microsoft attempts to create "tech evangelism with a slightly spiritual undertone" by using Pharrell and also Deepak Chopra as its new spokespeople. She argues that where Apple goes for sleek and stylish, Microsoft goes for soulful and suave (and maybe a little cliche?).

I use both a PC and a Mac. Both can be frustrating and annoying at times, but they do the job.

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Seeing Sounds With N.E.R.D

Just a few final notes about N.E.R.D's performance on Wednesday evening in Atlanta.

It was an amazing, high-velocity experience that had fans (including myself) dizzy on their feet.  With not one but two drummers high up on the stage, Pharrell and Shay treated the audience to both new and older tracks like "Spaz," "Everybody Nose," "She Wants To Move" and  "Sooner Or Later." They opted out of playing one of my fave N.E.R.D tracks, "Chariots Of Fire," which I regard as a rock-hop classic.

Seeing Pharrell perform live blew me away and left me in awe a little. This is the man who produced Madonna, Justin Timberlake and so many other people. In fact, he is responsible for creating a sound and a vision that continues to influence much of the music you hear on radio today.

Pharrell is not just a soundboard wizard, he is also a dynamic stage performer who bring both soul and fire to his performance that is truly captivating. He is a bit like a modern-day Elvis with lots of style and spunk.

Make sure to watch Don Lemon's CNN report this weekend with bits of Janelle, Chester French, Pharrell and Common and perhaps a little bit of Arjan Writes (dressed in pink). Below a photo I shot of Pharrell from the back of the stage. (The iPhone makes terrible pictures in low light, but you get the idea. You're seeing sounds).

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OMG! I met Pharrell Williams!

OMG. I met Pharrell Williams last night. Pinch me! I must be dreaming. (And all I brough was my iPhone so no glamorous photo of the meet.)

The super producer was in Atlanta last night to perform with N.E.R.D. at The Tabernacle. Also performing were ArjanWrites faves Chester French and Janelle Monae. I ended up in Pharrell's dressing room right before his pre-show prayer with his crew and friends. A memorable moment.

Thanks for having me, Mr. Williams.

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Rare Footage: Justin Timberlake & Pharrell Williams in the Studio

Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" is arguably one of the biggest pop hits of the last five years. Some very rare footage surfaced on YouTube recently that shows the making of that track. The video features producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake harmonizing together to find a solid melody while a rough instrumental cut of the song is looping.

The video gives you a candid look of how this song came about. It also shows the chemistry between Williams and Timberlake. Look for example how Timberlake leans forward while attempting to mimic William's vocal hooks, most notably the part that ended up around the 2:23 of the finished song - "So what did you come for I came to dance with you. And you know that you dont want to hit the floor. I came to romance with you."

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Grrrrr... N.E.R.D. Releases New Album Art


This art roars!

That's the official album art of N.E.R.D's forthcoming new album "Seeing Sounds" that will be out on June 10. Love the title and this album cover promises big things.

The LP's first single "Everybody Nose" has been making the round across the mighty internets, and the new single "Spaz" emerged exclusively on the Zune Marketplace this week. Pretty cool. Particularly if you have a PC and a Zune MP3 player.

In related N.E.R.D. news, Pharrell Williams teamed with design duo Domeau & Peres to create his own line of furniture. The first result of their collaboration is a funky love seat, titled Perspective. The design represents the bond between a male and female lover. The chair will be made available  in four different colors, including lipstick red. This could make a nice addition to the red leather IKEA sofa that sits in my living room, but it is probably hardly as affordable.

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