Watch Swedish House Mafia feat. Pharrell Williams "One (Your Name)"

I love when soundboard genius Pharrell Williams takes a risk, makes a left turn and ends up somewhere totally unexpected. Listen to his collaboration with electro meisters Swedish House Mafia that is taking over dancefloors in Europe like wildfire. It is a massive, mind-altering track (with a brilliantly-styled video) that stays true to the tradition of hot and happening Euro house with that raving, trancy quality. 

I first spotted this track when I saw the Dutch soccer champs celebrate their World Cup performance in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren was invited by the city of Amsterdam to warm up the crowd of almost a million soccer fans and chose "One" as the pivotal moment in his set. Watch that moment go down here. So proud of my team. The little team that could. Congrats, guys!

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Pharrell Williams vs. McDonalds

This has been blogged all over the place, but if you haven't seen it yet then you must have a look. It's one of the funniest thing I've seen on YouTube this week. Super producer Pharrell pulls out all the theatrics to get his Big Mac at a Paris airport at a McDonalds after restaurant just closed. It's "Pairee," baby!

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And The Beat Goes On


Shakira and Pharrell joined forces this week in Miami for something that I'm sure will be a steamy collaboration. (source)

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Janelle Monae, Chester French, Pharrell on CNN - Just Now


That little backstage rendezvous that I arranged for Don Lemon finally aired on CNN this weekend. Janelle Monae, D.A. from Chester French, Common and Pharrell Williams all talked with the news anchor in a CNN segment about the importance for young people to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. "I just encourage people to vote," Pharrell says. "No matter what will happen you can't be mad with the outcome. You can tell yourself 'hey, at least I put my energy into it and there wasn't much more I could do." D.A. from Chester French calls it a "pivotal" election and says it is "inspiring" that so many young people are reengaging in the political process.

The news piece should be up on soon.  Check out more photos of the segment on my Zannel channel.


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Madonna Hearts Pharrell


Pharrell joined Madonna on stage last week during her performance at Madison Square Garden. Check out a few more photos of the two icons working together on Pharrell's BBC blog.

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