Nina Sky Premiers New Video for "You Ain't Got It"

If the sisters of Nina Sky would rule the world, this precious little planet of ours would be the flyest destination in the universe. I saw the group open for Bruno Mars at Bowery Ballroom this past summer and they had the crowd cheering with their funked up dance pop and high-energy, stylish stage show.

Check out the duo's brand-new video for "You Ain't Got It," a Sagat sampled club track that comes from their EP "The Other Side," which dropped this summer. 

The video, directed by Treezy, was inspired by the original cut. "We wanted to shoot a video that was reminiscent of Sagat’s 'Funk Dat' video, which is the song we sampled for 'You Ain’t Got It,'" Nina Sky's Ntalie explains in a recent interview.

"It was important to us that Treezy captured the same vibe and grainy look as the original video, so we shot half in the city streets with our friends. To contrast the street element and give a softer, more modern feel, we splashed it with colorful shots, some green screen action, and bam! 'You Ain’t Got It' came to life."

October 19, 2010 in Nina Sky | Permalink