Australian Songwriting Duo Nervo Pops the Hits


When David Guetta won a GRAMMY for Best Remixed Recording for his work on "When Loves Takes Over" (featuring Kelly Rowland) this weekend, Australian songwriting duo Nervo was popping the champagne as well. The two Aussie ladies were David Guetta's songwriting partners when he produced the track over a year ago. (Watch them listen to the song in a taxi cab on the radio. So cute!)

Artists have been buzzing about this emerging songwriting duo from downunder, so I figured it is time for a proper introduction. Nervo are the spunky twin sisters Mim and Liv Nervo who bring genuine songwriting talent, mad soundboard skills and a whole lotta attitude to their music. Their signature sound is a crunchy blend of pop with contemporary hip hop stylings that is infused with a dirty electro edge. Think "Tik Tok" meets "When Love Takes Over." 

Not only did they write "When Love Takes For Over" for David Guetta, they also penned music for Rachel Stevens, the Pussycat Dolls, Hannah Montana and the hot and messy Ke$ha for whom they wrote "Boots & Boys" and "VIP."  They also wrote a brand-new Ultra-Nate track that will surely have the boys and girls raving up and down the dancefloor this summer. Listen to "Wasted Hearts" right here

Also, check out some of their demos on MySpace. Sample for example the raw and raunchy "In Da Kitchen," the glistenting dance-pop groove on "Not Without You" and the radio-ready ballads "Insensitive" and "It's A Giveaway." The ladies also produced a fun, little mixtape that they recently posted on Souncloud and shows off their DJ skill. Have a listen.

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