My Playlist: Davis, MTV's The Real World Denver


In my shameless effort to combine the sweet with the crunchy on this blog, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put up a photo of Davis who is currently appearing on MTV's The Real World Denver. The gay frat boy from Marietta, GA is making the hearts of plenty of gay guys and straight girls tick a little faster with his good ole' Southern charm. Via the fine folks at MTV/Urge, Davis tells about some of his favorite tracks he used to listen to while filming the show this summer. His taste is not particularly eclectic, but it is an okay mix of mainstream favorites. His descriptions refer to a few of his Real World cast mates. Learn more about them here. So let's get to it. What's on Davis' playlist?

Keane, "Leaving So Soon"
"I first heard this song when we were in Thailand. We had just found out that when our vacation was over, we'd all be going home just six days later. I listened to the song a lot realizing we'd all be leaving."

Cassie, "Me & U"
"The first night we moved into the house, Alex and I went out to a club, and I remember hearing and loving this song."

Nelly Furtado, "Promiscuous"
"We just seemed to hear this song every club we went to all summer. PJ loved it, too!"

(Davis' entire list after the jump.)

Cherish, "Do It, To It"
"For some reason, I loved this song and would always sing it with the kids on Outward Bound while hiking mountains."

Christina Aguilera, "Ain't No Other Man"
"PJ heard this song while I was in Denver and send it to me on a CD and said I'd love it ... he was right."

Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy"
"Brooke heard this song in L.A. before she came to Denver and would always be singing it. None of us had heard it yet and thought Brooke was just singing about how crazy she was."

Bubba Sparxxx, "Miss New Booty"
"Brooke's theme song. She loved her 'big juicy booty,' as she liked to call it."

Kelis, "Bossy"
"Colie's theme song. She was the bossiest of the girls and loved the line 'I'm a boss!' at the beginning."

Ciara, "So What"
"We first heard this at the beginning of the summer out clubbing. I remember dancing with Ty to it."

Pussycat Dolls, "Buttons"
"Jenn had just gotten done touring with a dance group and had the sickest dance routine to this song that she'd perform on me."

Panic! At The Disco, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"
Colie and Jenn were OBSESSED with this song and stayed up all night singing the lyrics they found online; however, their version was totally off from the real one."

E-40, "Tell Me Where to Go"
"I'm somewhat of a terrible dancer, but Ty taught me some moves to this song. Alex loved the 'Go stupid/Go dumb, dumb, dumb' line."

Justin Timberlake, "SexyBack"
"Brooke was sure Justin was singing about a girl with a sexy back, i.e. a nice booty."

Yung Joc, "It's Goin' Down"
"Another song that reminds me of Ty and him getting down at the club. When he dances, everyone's gotta get out of the way."

Rihanna, "Unfaithful"
"I heard this song right before I came to Denver and was always singing it. I'm sure whichever director had to listen to me was so annoyed."

Brittany Murphy, "Faster Kill Pussy Cat"
"I wasn't a fan of Brittany Murphy until I heard this song. She has such a sexy voice, and I'd always request it when we were out."

Kierra Sheard, "You Don't Know"
"When I first met Steve, we talked about our love of gospel music and both really liked this song. It's awesome!"

John Mayer, "3x5"
"One of Steve's and my favorite singers. We both sang this a lot out in the woods."

Jay-Z, "Change Clothes"
"Wherever we wanted to change clothes, we had to get our microphones temporarily removed. So, I'd tell the director I needed to change cloths and then start singing this song."

John Legend, "It's Alright"
"Tyrie and I both loved this song and bonded on our first Outward Bound trip singing it while hiking down a mountain. Needless to say, we sang a lot on hikes."

Kirk Franklin, "Hosanna"
"I always was humming or singing this song whenever I was on a ledge, going rappelling, or just felt in danger. It's a cool gospel song that made me feel safer."

(Visit MTV's Urge for other MTV The Real World Denver music tips and videos.)

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My Playlist: Rosie Lopez, Founder Silver Label

Victor Lee & Rosie Lopez

Last year, Tommy Boy Records launched Silver Label, the world's first GLBT Lifestyle and Culture imprint. Conceived and co-founded by Rosie Lopez & Victor Lee, Silver Label's goal is to find and develop artists and products that give voice and face to the gay aesthetic in music. The first album that is put out on Silver Label is "The L Word: Season 3" soundtrack. The double-disc set was co-produced by Rosie Lopez who has put together a hot collection of indie gems by lesbian and gay-friendly artists that echo the compelling storylines of the popular Showtime series.

She started the L Word project with more than 50 songs, and together with the show's producer Ilene Chaiken she narrowed it down to 24 tracks. For Arjan Writes, she shares her personal faves from the album with some brief personal comments.

Tegan And Sara "Love Type Thing"
Short and sweet with beautiful, haunting melodies. This was the song that felt like the center of the soundtrack for me. I imagined the other songs pulling up (towards the brain) or down (towards the feet)... but this one hit me straight in the gut.

Telepopmusik "Don't Look Back"
Angela McCluskey has one of the sexiest voices in contemporary music and the dreamy feel of the production only adds to the vibe.

Eldorado "Jaded Julie"
Fun song, makes me wanna toss sawdust on the floor and kick it!

D'Angelo "Feel Like Makin' Love"
This song is used in the sexiest L Word scene ever! "Tina and Helena in the pool" (Season 2) has just been moved to 2nd. place. Tune in and you'll see.

Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers "
Great performance by Sleater-Kinney on the show. This is a pretty intense song, feels aggressive but not angry. I love it because it starts in chaos but ends with liberation.

Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock "Lady Loves Me"
Two great voices, as good as Elvis and Ann-Margret, depending on how many cocktails you've had before the show.

Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

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My Playlist: Imogen Heap


My Playlist is a new item on Arjan Writes that spotlights a well-known personality who shares some of his or her favorite tracks of the moment. Electro pop artist Imogen Heap emailed me a some of her favorite songs that are currently rocking her iPod. I've added a short description for each track, plus I've included some comments that she made earlier about some of the songs.

Her choice for delicate productions, mesmerizing vocals and atmospheric instrumentation should come as no suprise after listenting to her brilliant "Speak For Yourself." If you have not heard it yet, I recommend you check it out.

Coppe "Shabondama"
Japanese electronica vocalist Coppe was born in Tokyo but currently resides in Honolulu. She counts  legendary jazz singers from the '50s as her greatest source of inspiration. The song "Shabondama" is taken from her album "8' that is put out by Mango & Sweet Rice in the United States. [source]

Avril "As The Music Stops"
"I really love all this artist's music. This is his latest album, though the previous "That Horse Must Be Starving" I love very much too. It takes me places. Puts me somewhere else. Makes me come up for air. He has a rather sexy French voice which may add to the potion! I've seen him live too though I got the time wrong and just caught him finishing off his set with the most mental theremin solo I have ever seen (I admit I haven't seen many) but I'm safe in the belief no-one will look or sound as good as he did that night!" [source]

Milosh "You Make Me Feel"
Canadian artist Mike Milosh "makes optimistic music for pessimistic people." He recently put out his debut album "You Make Me Feel." You can buy his entire album on iTunes. [source]

Carpark North "Human"
"I heard their song "Human" once and went and bought the album straightaway. Love the album. It's really exciting production, ridged and cut throat to wide open spaces. It's my favorite rock album of the moment perhaps because it leans to electronic as it's so precise all churned and chopped up loosing but losing no heart and no edge. Has some great "I wish I thought of that" moments. I can't wait to see this band live."

Ryuichi Sakamoto "Coro"
Ryuichi Sakamoto is a versatile Japanese composer, songwriter, producer and actor. One of his most prominent performances was his appearance "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence" alongside David Bowie.

Sample Imogen's playlist:

Coppe "Shabondama"
Avril "As The Music Stops"
Milosh "You Make Me Feel"
Carpark North "North "Human"
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Coro"

My Playlist: Dan Renzie

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My Playlist: Dan Renzi

(Click image to enlarge)

My Playlist is a new item on Arjan Writes that spotlights a well-known personality who shares some of his or her favorite tracks of the moment. The first person to be featured is writer/blogger/actor/television star Dan Renzi. Dan is mostly know from his work for MTV that he combines with a successful career as a writer and actor. If you have a moment, head on over to his fantastically funny blog. Thanks for sharing your top songs, Dan!

Johnny Cash, "Folsom Prison Blues"
Movie, schmovie.  I have always loved Johnny Cash, especially this song.  What a fuckin' stud. Runner-Up: "Ring Of Fire" makes me dance around the room and sing along.

Madonna, "Hung Up"


Dolly Parton, "Twelfth of Never," with Keith Urban

Am I the only person who recognizes the extreme anti-war message of her album "Those Were The Days"?  Who knew Dolly was so political? Whatever, the album is great regardless of the theme. P.S.:  I will marry Keith Urban someday.

Supreme Beings Of Leisure, "Strangelove Addicton"
This is an old song, but I've been having relationship problems lately and the lyrics sing true.  "I feel/That I'm not good enough for you/I just don't measure up..."

Ben Folds, "Gracie"

This song is about his daughter, which is the cutest thing ever. I saw him perform at a taping of PBS's "Austin City Limits" and I was hooked. His lyrics are cathartic and geeky and fun.

James Blunt, "So Long Jimmy"
"You're Beautiful" is on the radio, but it's a little too weird for me. "So Long Jimmy" should be released soon, it's beautiful.

Michael Buble', "For Once In My Life"
I picked this song at random. I love everything he sings. I even love his Starbucks commercials. I love it all.

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