Antony: The Uncaged Songbird


The fabulous Soma magazine features a terrific interview with Antony this month in which the singer gives readers some insight about his forthcoming new record. He says, "The structures of the songs and the themes are very different. It's a little nerve-racking actually because I'm looking at this group of songs I'm going to present and I'm thinking, 'I don't know how people are going to respond to this.' The first album was like a landscape of the world as I saw it while coming into adulthood. The second album was kind of an internal landscape. This next record is more about nature and ghosts - more like a dream for the future or a dream-forward." For some reason everything that Antony puts out always sounds so deeply profound, genuine and real. I'm mesmerized by him and I can't wait to hear his new work. (Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg)

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Madonna in New Faithless Video?


I featured Faithless' phenomenal new video for "Bombs" last Friday. It is one of those incredible pieces of pop art that will shock and touch you at the same time. On his blog, reader James points out that Madonna and adopted son David also make a brief appearance in the video. Well, sort of. Good eye for detail, James! Download the Galaxy21 mix of "Bombs" here.

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Dangerous Muse Performs at Out100 Party


Dressed in black Calvin Klein, my honeys of Dangerous Muse performed last Friday at the Out 100 party in New York City. After a great year, the guys are gearing up for even bigger things. They're currently recording their full-length debut that will be out in the first half 2007. (Click photo to enlarge.)

The album was pushed back due to the release strategy of their label, Cordless, to periodically put out a few tracks digitally before coming out with the entire record. I think it is somewhat of an expermimental marketing method to build momentum by using blogs, MySpace and iTunes as part of a buzz campaign as opposed to the more traditional method of coming out with a lead single and then an album.

Let's see how much patience fans have and let the guys do their thing in the studio. I wil keep you posted and in the meantime check out the female version of Dangerouse Muse. (Photo by Roe Carroll)

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Goldfrapp Featured in Target Campaign


The band that had the potential to make pop music in the U.S. a little more electro chic is now becoming a popular pick for major corporations to advertise their products with. After Verizon used Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine," mass retailer Target is now using the duo's "Fly Me Away" for their 2006 holiday campaign. I'm glad the band is getting airplay even though I doubt Alison and Will ever anticipated to become known for promoting kitchen knives, toys and table linens. Watch the commercial on the Target web site (select "Tord TV" in the main graphic.)

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Scissor Sisters New Single Rumors


Psst! A source close to Scissor Sisters told me last night that the new single for the group in the U.K. will probably be the epic ballad "Land Of A Thousand Words." The second single choice for the U.S. is still up the air, but I think it should be "Ooh." Keep up the tempo guys!

When you have moment, check out Kevin's fantastic photos of Scissor Sisters' gig in New York last Saturday. He caught Jake tearing up a boa, because he "hates feather boas," he told the audience.

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