Watch Mr Fogg "Answerphone"

Emerging British synth pop artist Mr Fogg had a very specific visual concept in mind for the video of his new single "Answerphone." All directors he approached said it couldn't be executed with the budget he had available, so Mr Fogg decided to direct and produce the entire video himself. The result is a compelling visual experience that will keep surprising you. Give it 30 seconds to figure out what is happening in the video. It was recorded live, in one take, without any cheating. Watch and be surprised.

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Video: Arjan Chats with Mr Fogg

While amidst all my GRAMMY preparations in Los Angeles two weeks ago, I caught up with emerging British electro-pop crooner Mr Fogg to chat about his excellent U.S. debut single, "Keep Your Teeth Sharp," and much more. Mr Fogg was on a whirlwind tour of the U.S., not only meeting music press but also doing a few DJ performances and working with the legendary filmmaker Tony Kaye on a new music video.

We talked about things that inspire him, the thriving British electro music scene, his "Fogg Shop" pop up shows (really cool concept, you have to hear about it) and what name he likes to go by. Was a fun interview to do. We had a few of technical glitches but I cut and pasted it together in such a way that you won't be able to notice.  Make sure to grab the kicky Jakwod remix of "Moving Parts" while watching the interview.The original song is the title track of his debut LP, which will be released later this year.

Mr Fogg "Moving Parts" (Jakwob Remix)

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