[FREE MP3] Theophilus London "I Stand Alone"

Chatting with Theophilus London at SXSW

With his debut album now only a week away, Brooklyn's hip and happening Theophilus London continues to deliver some exciting free new track to stir up anticipation. Check out a totally-guilt free download of "I Stand Alone," the first single of his debut album "Timez Are Weird These Days."

Reminiscent of the classic sound of The Police, "I Stand Alone" further completes the picture of London's unique and all-inclusive brand of pop. He taps into the great colorful hip hop aesthetic of the past and injects it with contemporary electro and dance stylings to create a pop alternative style of his own that can easily be embraced by the Playlist Generation.

London tells Wired.com that "I Stand Alone" is his favoritetrack  on "Timez Are Weird These Days" that incorporates his love for Ameria.  "I watched Gaspar Noé's I Stand Alone and it took me three nights to watch it," he tells Wired. "Every night I would watch 30 minutes of it. It was brave, it was searing, very hard but exciting to watch."

"The next day in the studio I started writing the record. I felt like I had to rep U.S.A. Being and standing alone in this world. 'I Stand Alone' is my favorite record on this album," he adds. Download the track on his web site (quick registration required).

Theophilus London "I Stand Alone"

[FREE MP3] Electrolightz "Goldmines"

While grooving along to my iPod this afternoon, Electrolightz' recent mixtape "Bang With The Lightz On" hit the dial. It's an excellent effort that deserves all of your attenton. The digital mixtape features a compilation of original new tracks and revamps of song by Robyn, Uffie and Lady Gaga. (You can download "Bang With The Lightz On" totally free here.)

As previously introduced, Electrolightz is the teaming of Eroc (keys), Namebrand (MC), Barry Romance (drums) and Rami Dearest (lead vocals) who stir up a brew of hip hop-infused dance pop that is incredibly catchy. The fine combo of Rami's sweet, soulful vocals and Namebrand's punchy delivery along with Eroc's soundboard savvy and Barry's steady beat makes for a winning formula.

Electrolightz' radio-ready stylings shine brightly on tracks like the smooth "One On One Time" (with a euphoric break that soars into the chorus), the clubby "Closet Freak" and the sparkly disco-pop gem "Goldmines." There's no doubt that "Bang With The Lightz On" firmly positions Electrolightz as one of the next big things that is bursting with talent and potential. 

 Electrolightz "Goldmines"

[FREE MP3] Adele "Someone Like You" (Buffetlibre Remix)


Adele's sophomore LP "21" is shaping up to be the biggest album of the year that is hoovering steady at the top of the album charts and is moving more units than any other record this year. It is safe to assume that the success of the album will continue for many more months to come, especially with the start of awards season later this year. I'm pretty sure that a bunch of GRAMMY Awards will be coming Adele's way early 2012. It is just one of those timeless records that is universally loved by fans, peers and critics alike.

Adele's music has also inspired many DJs, remixers and producers who have created their own new versions of her songs. Hot and happening Barcelona DJ and remix collective Buffetlibre premiered their own revamp of Adele's sparse piano ballad "Someone Like You." What appears to be a song that is hard to pep up, Buffetlibre has turned it into a finely-tuned summer dance remix with a throbbing base, playful dance groove and catchy synth chords that climax to a soaring vocal chorus.

Every single Adele remix that is produced is a true testament to the solid and authentic quality of her music. Because no matter how an Adele song gets mixed up, cut up, teared up and revamped, her voice, delivery and astute songwriting always stands paramount. Adele's music is like a fine diamond that simply cannot be destroyed. (Download Adele "21" on iTunes or take it everywhere on Rdio)

 Adele "Someone Like You"

[FRESH POP] Oh My! "Kicking & Screaming" (MP3)


Oh My! is one of the hottest new pop things to emerge on the bustling British pop scene this year. The group is the teaming of Alex and Jade who are being groomed for the big time by the same people that pushed forward Marina & The Diamonds and Plan B so successfully. After introducing us to their girl power tune "Run This Town," Oh My! serves up buzz track "Kicking & Screaming" that is once again filled with plenty of attitude, slick harmonies and a catchy topline that pop hits are made of. 

 Oh My! "Kicking & Screaming"

[FREE MP3] Saint Saviour "This Ain't No Hymn" (Kris Di Angelis Remix)


You may recognize Saint Saviour from her collaborations with Andy Cato and Tom Findlay of Groove Armada on their GRAMMY nominated album "Black Light" (alongside Bryan Ferry, Nick Littlemore and Will Young). But the singer has a lot more on her sleeves as a solo artist. 

Saint Saviour (aka Becky Jones) recently released her debut EP "Anatomy" to give us a taste of what she has been up to. The EP neatly demonstrates that Jones is a gifted songwriter and powerful, emotive vocalist who injects her performance with a soulful, soaring quality that is both haunting and mesmerizing.

One of the songs on her 5-track EP is "This Ain't no Hymn," which was remixed by London's hot and happening turntable man Kris Di Angelis who turns the original into a blazing little dancefloor number. 

In an interview, Saint Saviour talks a little bit about how her passion for music. "I have been seriously into music since I was a kid, so I have really diverse tastes and an inquisitive drive to discover more ways of making music," she explains.

"When it comes to making my own album, I’ve gone from dark electro to Southern Soul music, Stax Records style, reggae to country folk. It’s a nightmare for A&R situations but I guess it means I can write for other people too and maybe one day, actually make a living. (Download "Anatomy" on iTunes UK or on her web site.)

 Saint Saviour "This Ain't No Hymn" (Kris Di Angelis Remix)