Hot New Pop Alert: Menya (NYC)

Get ready to be hooked.

Seriously. Menya is one of the most fun new pop bands I have seen since Fannypack and Cooler Kids. These spunky NYC kids bring on the pop and have good 'ole time with it. Why take it so seriously if it can be fun?

Menya is the trio of Coco Dame, Angie Ripe and Good Goose who produce and write all of their own music. The group formed less than 2 years ago and has independently released three EPs, including "The Sleepover Series (Vol 1)" mixtape that hit the mighty internets today. Download the entire album totally guilt-free here. Make sure to listen their very special revamp of Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up." It's a gem.

Major label execs and A&R hotshots are having their their eye on Menya, so don't be surprised if they get scooped up by one of them and hit the big time. Until then, Menya can be our little secret. Groove away on that fun, flirty and totally vivacious electro-pop. Listen and you'll be craving more.

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