[EXCLUSIVE] Madonna "Frozen" (Monsieur Adi Remix)


After sharing his remixes of "Get Together" and "Music," Monsieur Adi now takes on the Queen of Pop's 1998 "Frozen." The young Italian-born, Paris-based producer once again demonstrates his incredible knack for melody and crafting highly emotive, atmospheric productions with this new remix.

Adi skillfully intensifies the song's orchestral, classic beauty to amplify the mesmerizing quality and meaning of Madonna timeless original. Adi tells me, "[This song] was probably my first true moment to notice Madonna as it was different to anything I had heard until that moment. The delicacy, fragility and darkness captivated me as well as the, what I realise now, spiritual aspect of the song."

Adi writes me that Madonna's "Frozen" carries an intensely personal meaning. "Pretty much for the entire last year after the loss of my mother, I was in a very weird mood that I couldn't do anything to help. Creatively and emotionally I was effected. It has been a slow process of returning to myself and the remix somewhat follows that pattern of a slow progression that builds on and in itself."

"In my mind, the remix travels from the sound of hurt, to a release of emotion, and ending with some form of strength. Spiritual in a way." Thank you for sharing such a personal story, Adi. The context you provide for listeners gives this production even more lasting meaning. (Download)

[VIDEO] Madonna "I Love New York" (Live at Wembley Arena)


Today, Madonna released special live footage of "I Love New York" on her Facebook page and YouTube channel to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York. The state's Senate passed a historic marriage equality bill on Friday night and New York is now the sixth state in the nation to recognize gay marriage.

Madonna has been a long-standing advocate of gay rights and she encouraged all of her fans to advance the same-sex marriage bill in the state of New York. On June 17, she sent out a statement and call to action via her manager Guy Oseary to urge fans to tell their "state Congressmen to support the same-sex marriage bill" in New York. 

"All you need is love," she added in a tweet.

While spending time in Europe where she has started work on her new album, the Queen of Pop wanted to give all of her fans some exclusive video footage to join in the celebration with this landmark victory in the ongoing struggle for equal rights. It's a rocked up, kick-ass live version of "I Love New York" that was recorded at the Confessions Tour in 2006 at London's iconic Wembley Arena. Watch the exclusive footage after the break.

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[EXCLUSIVE] Madonna "Music" (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Madonna Music Monsieur Adi Remix

After creating an online sensation with his excellent remix of "Get Together," Italian DJ, designer and producer Monsieur Adi now completely revamps Madonna's 2000 smash "Music." Adi once again approaches this new remix project as a classic composer that neatly shows off his incredible soundboard savvy and knack for melody.

Adi breaks down the original and totally rewires the song to serve up a fresh new perspective on a song we cherish and know so well while staying true to the beauty of Madonna's original.

Introduced by a throbbing dance beat, Adi unveils a kicky new disco groove that is peppered with a bouncy new bass line, filtered synths and, oh yes, a brand-new electric guitar solo to create a wildly unique and stellar new version.

"I have an obsession with musical textures," Adi writes me. "And so in contrast to the 'Get Together' remix, which was very tender and warm, I wanted to make something more hard and strong and something that you could dance to. Also I included an excerpt of 'Celebration' simply because I like Madonna's speaking voice."

He adds, "At the end of the day, I'm just a fan that is making music I would love to hear Madonna make. I'm anticipating her return!" A little birdie has told me that Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has been listening to his remix of "Get Together" as well, which is pretty much already a dream come true for Adi.

Listen to Madonna "Get Together" (Monsieur Adi 2011 Remix)


Don't think of Monsieur Adi as just another remixer. The Italian-born, Paris-based producer is a true pop composer extraordinaire who creates beautifully-crafted soundscapes that he infuses with a sense of style and melancholy that sets him apart from others.

Point in case is his new remix of Madonna's 2005 "Get Together" that the pop queen originally created with Stuart Price. Adi rips it apart, slows down the rhythm track and restores its pieces to create a cohesive and grand sonic experience with a classic beauty that is simply electrifying. It's another piece of Adi magic. What do you think of Adi's remix?

Cat Fight! Madonna and Lady Gaga Battle it Out On Saturday Night Live


Madonna: What in the hell is a disco stick?
Lady Gaga: I think you know.
Lady Gaga: Guess what, Madonna. I'm totally hotter than you.
Madonna: I'm totally taller than you.
Madonna: What kind of name is Gaga? Sounds like baby food!
Lady Gaga: The kind of name that is number one on the Billboard chart.

Did you see Madonna and Lady Gaga battle it out on SNL? What did you think?