Listen to Kelly Clarkson's Entire New Single

Let's face it. Kelly Clarkson needs a hit. Badly.

After the commercial debacle that is her third album, it is now or never for the first American Idol winner. Even though I really liked "My December" ("Sober" is phenomenal), I totally get it that she needs a big, fat hit right now. So I will forgive her for dreaming up "My Life Would Suck Without You" together with Swedish hitman Max Martin.

That song is in essence "Since U Been Gone" Part 2.  From its intro right through the outro. It's that same slick, hyper infectious brew that made her such a superstar the first time around. Why change a winning formula, right? But regardless of her sound (and that Photoshopped artwork), her voice is as strong as ever and will surely enthuse pop lovers around the globe.

(Thanks to David J for the heads up)

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Candy Perfume Girl


Oh la la.

Check out the glamerous cover art for Kelly Clarkson's new single "My Life Would Suck Without You." With this Revlon-inspired artwork I'm incredibly curious what the song will sound like. From the look of it, it seems more tongue in cheek Katy Perry than it is raw & rowdy Pink. I definitely like my Kelly Clarkson with some grit, so let's see what her new Clive Davis approved sound brings. The song should hit radio late next week and will probably leak online sooner.

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Kelly Clarkson to Release New Single on January 19


She will be back. In January. With a brand-new single, followed by a new album in March. The title of the new single is "My Life Would Suck Without You." Very to the point indeed. Reporters of Rolling Stone heard a few album tracks and described it as filled with "primo pop hits reminiscent of 'Breakaway.'" As long as it is not a rehash to please Clive Davis, fans should have something to look forward to.

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