Listen to Ashley Arrison feat. Kelly Clarkson "Trying To Help You Out"


Nashville-based pop vocalist Ashley Arrison invited none other than Kelly Clarkson to write and perform her new single, "Trying To Help Out," an accomplished slice of pop-rock with well-crafted country lyrics that is taken from her new album, "Hearts On Parade."

"Hearts On Parade" is Arrison's debut LP that was produced by Aben Eubanks, (Kelly Clarkson, Matt Nathanson, Reba McIntyre) and Chad Copelin (Amy Lee, Bishop Allen).

The disc is a dream come true for the singer who started out her career performing as an orphan in a professional theatre production of the musical “Annie," followed by being Justin Timberlake’s childhood duet partner for three years on The Mickey Mouse Club. More recently, she was a session singer in Los Angeles working on records for Badly Drawn Boy and Lindsay Lohan (Support new pop and purchase this track on iTunes.)

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Special Report from Tonight's MuchMusic Video Awards + Live Twitter Feed from Arjan


ArjanWrites special correspondent Will Wong reports exclusively from the MuchMusic Video Awards rehearsals in Toronto today. After the show's run-through this afternoon, he writes that one of the show's highlight will be Lady Gaga's performance of "Love Game" and "Pokerface."

"The performance everyone was talking about was that of now mega-star Lady Gaga, who at this time last year was still relatively obscure. Lady Gaga rocked a fishnet/mesh outfit which was capped-off with a Madonna-inspired cone bra. She entered the stage through a set modeled after a New York City subway train. Surrounded by an army of male dancers, Lady Gaga's medley of "Love Game/Poker Face" was quite the spectacle, where the audience saw her gyrate and grab her crotch. The people loved it!"

Watch Lady Gaga's rehearsals right below. I'm live-twittering the show here.

Read Will's entire report with bits about the Jo Bros, The Black Eyes Peas, Nickelback, Kelly Clarkson and other performers. 



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Listen to Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Schim Radio Remix)


Listen to another new revamp of Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You." This one was produced by Mr. Schim who turned the original into an uneventful club track. Still worth hearing if you're a big Kelly Clarkson fan. Listen to it after the jump.

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Watch Fun German Interview with Kelly Clarkson


Danke schon! Check out a fun interview with Kelly Clarkson that was conducted by German radio station NRJ. The singer speaks at length about her forthcoming new album and the different types of songs she recorded. (Click here to head over to MTV Logo to listen to Kelly's brand-new album online.)

Watch Kelly Clarkson interview on NRJ

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Guest Review: Kelly Clarkson "All I Ever Wanted"

Arjanwrites_kelly_newalbum reader Will W. had a chance to preview Kelly Clarkson's much-anticipated new album "All I Ever Wanted" and wrote up a glowing review. Read it after the jump. (Thanks for sharing, Will!)

“I've sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. I couldn't give a crap about being a star. I've always just wanted to sing and write.” (Kelly Clarkson, 2007).

After going from the massive success of “Breakaway” to breakdown in her 2007 effort “My December”, Kelly Clarkson’s creative feud with her label RCA Records’ former Chairman Clive Davis mid 2007, is well-documented.  The label wanted to duplicate previous Clarkson hits, while Clarkson herself wanted full creative control over her work.  The feud finally came to an end with Clarkson having issued the following statement on her website: “I really regret how this has turned out and I apologize to those whom I have done disservice.”  Clearly, she does really care about being a star after all.

Clarkson cancelled her “My December Tour” and took a brief hiatus and got herself into a better place mentally after a deeply-affecting break-up.  She is once again in fighting form to reclaim her title as America’s new Queen of Pop-Rock, although we’re sure both P!nk and Katy Perry might have something different to say about the matter.  Current single “My Life Would Suck Without You” holds the distinction of making the largest jump ever to #1 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart history, selling a blistering 815,000 digital copies to-date.  If this doesn’t qualify as a victorious comeback, we don’t know what does.

“All I Ever Wanted” is Clarkson’s fourth studio album and it delivers; maybe even exceeding expectations.  The album hits hard with a six-fold smackdown beginning with her latest #1 hit, followed by rumoured second single “I Do Not Hook Up”, penned by Katy Perry and new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.  The track recalls Heart at their prime, but with current sensibilities.  “Cry” and “Already Gone” are beautiful power-ballads with country leanings, a similar recipe shared by Avril Lavigne.  What makes Clarkson stand out however, is that she executes these self-composed tracks (two out of six featured on the album) with a level of vocal mastery that reminds us once again why it is that America made Clarkson their first American Idol.  “Don’t Let Me Stop You” is the new P!nk track that we really wanted to hear off her new album, versus current single “Sober”.  Coincidentally, P!nk’s track shares the same title as Clarkson’s misfired second “My December” single.  A tip to aspiring pop songwriters around the world: do not name your next song “Sober”.  It has been done before.

Other highlights include Arjan’s personal favourite “Save You”, boasting its Mozart-inspired bridge and also a second Katy Perry contribution, “Long Shot”. The collection’s ultimate shining moment comes from “Whyyouwannabringmedown”, where Clarkson delivers some serious fierceness.  This banger of a track is one of two covers from obscure band Aranda; the other cover being the album’s title track.  It appears Clarkson is now giving a bit of leeway in terms of accepting “hand-me-downs” from other artists.  Some of us may recall her very public outcry against being told by her label to re-record a Lindsay Lohan track.  

In all, “All I Ever Wanted” is pure pop gold, striking a fine win-win balance.  RCA Records succeeds in getting an album chock-full of summertime hits and yes, foreseeable GRAMMY nominations.  Kelly Clarkson wins creatively in showcasing herself as a bona fide songwriter.  More importantly though, the public wins in getting back all the same “Kelly Clarkson” it ever wanted.

(Make sure to visit's Will's MySpace page if you have chance.)

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