Listen to Just Jack "Doctor Doctor" (Fred Falke Remix)

After 2007's critically-acclaimed "Overtones," Just Jack (aka Jack Allsop) has quietly returned with "Doctor, Doctor," the second single from his upcoming new LP, "All Night Cinema." (Check out my interview with Jack after he recorded with Kylie Minogue in 2007.)

The song is a signature Just Jack production with his colloquial, sing-talk delivery and sharp-tongued, lyrical wit. In a recent interview, Jack explains that the song is about a shop assistant who falls in his love with his foxy manager who ignores his flirtations. He sings, "Now why you looking at me like I’m making this up. And why you looking at me like I’m floaty and hinged. Like I’m a little bit singed after a JD and Prozac binge. (. . . ) She’s not much verse, mostly chorus. Between those ears, mostly sawdust." 

French electro maestro Fred Falke took on the original and turned it a glistening synth experience . Everything Falke touches these days turns it disco gold. This one is absolutely no exception. His remix of "Doctor, Doctor" is sublime. Absolutey sublime.

Download Just Jack "Doctor Doctor" (Fred Falke Remix

The 2007 Punch: My Favorite Albums of The Year


Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Róisín Murphy "Overpowered"
Timeless and intelligent dance pop by a top-notch performer. Bring on more Róisín in 2008 please!

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Siobhan Donaghy "Ghosts"
Donaghy broke out of her girl group mold and pushed her artistic boundaries in exciting new directions. "Ghosts" is one of the most overlooked, yet sublime pop records of the year.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Charlotte Gainsbourg "5.55"
Subtle, soft and chic. It is like Chanel No. 5 for your ears.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Darren Hayes "This Delicate Thing We've Made"
"This Delicate Thing We've Made" is just that. A delicate piece of work that takes you on a journey through time with Hayes' distinct vocals and Justin Shave's accomplished production stylings.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Kenna "Make Sure They See My Face"
Genre-buster Kenna combines electronica, funk, pop and hip hop so elegantly that it rocks.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Will.I.Am "Songs About Girls"
A bold solo record by one of the most genius producers of the moment.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Anouk "Who's Your Momma"
Confident and honest, this rock chick tells it like it is. Expect "Good God" to climb the global charts in 2008.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Passenger "Wicked Man's Rest"
Touching balladry sang by one of the year's most striking new voices.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Tracey Thorn "Out Of The Wood"
A perfect marriage of style and substance. And her voice is priceless.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Roz Bell "The First Sunbeams"
Bell combines songwriting talent with a laid-back attitude that is simply irresistible.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Klaxons "Myths Of The Near Future"
These three lads got me dizzy on my feet when I saw them perform at Coachella back in April. This is rock and roll for the here and now.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 I also enjoyed listening to albums by these great artists in 2007:

Kate Havnevik "Melankton"
Kanye West "Graduation"
Dragonette "Galore"
Alison Moyet "The Turn"
Young Love "Too Young To Fight It"
Just Jack "Overtones"
Annie Lennox "Songs Of Mass Destruction"
Kocky "Kingdome Come"
M.I.A. "Kala"

Exclusive Bonus Audio: Arjan Talks With Just Jack About Attending Elton John's Wedding and More

Listen to some exclusive audio clips from my interview with Just Jack. The British pop artist talks about his relationship with with Elton John and attenting the star-studded wedding of the Elton John and David Furnish.

Jack also gives some clues about he approaches his songwriting and what his expects from the the release of his new album "Overtones" in the U.S.. (And you can hear me in action. The accent is Dutch in case you were wondering.)