Exclusive Video Interview: Arjan Chats with Jessie J

Watching my video interview with Jessie J will be the best 14 minutes you get to spend today. I promise. 

Genuinely funny and totally candid, rapidly rising pop star Jessie J is the real deal and this interview shows you exactly why. I caught up with the singer at her home in London earlier this week to talk about her new year's resolutions ("eat more"), her forthcoming debut album, her road to success, and the things that drive and inspire her. 

Jessie and I also spoke briefly about her success as a songwriter. She wrote Miley Cyrus' mega hit "Party In The USA," and more recently she penned "I Want This" which is included on Chris Brown's GRAMMY nominated album this year. A good pop song is about "honesty and delivery," she explains, while giving us a little acoustic version of "Party In The USA." It's all about Jessie's swagger. 

Jessie even belts out the chorus of her new single "Price Tag" towards the end of our chat, which is truly a must-watch. Effortless and pure. She's a gem. And with all systems go on both sides of the Atlantic it is only a matter of time before she will rule that charts. There's no doubt.

I highly encourage you to watch and share the interview. What you see is what you get, and it will have you wanting more. It will be 14 minutes well spent. Love to know what you think of Jessie J and the interview. Share your thoughts.

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Watch Jessie J "Do It Like A Dude" (Acoustic Version)


Finally! Jessie J has unleashed her very first single plus remix EP this weekend in the U.K. on iTunes and it has already entered the top pop chart without any massive promotion. The ferocious pop stomper "Do It Like A Dude" is one of those tracks that pretty much speaks for itself and will find its way to the masses through word of mouth in no time. It is just that good.

The success of the song's video (more than 2 millions views in its first three days on YouTube) has made Jessie's savvy label decide to also release "Do It Like A Dude" in the U.S. as her first single as opposed to her belting ballad "Who You Are."

I came across an acoustic version of "Do It Like A Dude" on YouTube that shows off Jessie's phenomenal vocal talent and bigger than life pop swagger. She's a force to be reckoned with. There's no denying the pure talent she is. Watch it after the break.

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Listen to Jessie J "Do It Like A Dude" (Labyrinth Remix)


If you've missed it earlier, make sure to check out Labyrinth's fantastic remix of Jessie J's debut single "Do It Like A Dude". The song is gaining some serious steam with its debut video that received over a million plays in less than three days on YouTube. That's not too shabby, Jessie!

Labyrinth gave the spunky girl power tune a flaring, urban make-over that fits the original oh-so well. Jessie's on a roll, and this track just makes you want to kick along with her. Listen to it after the break.

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Video Premiere: Jessie J "Do It Like A Dude"

Check out Jessie J's just-released video for her U.K. debut single "Do It Like A Dude," a track that I introduced you to a few weeks ago. Jessie J is one of the brightest new pop talents to look out for in the upcoming months. In North America, Jessie J will go to market with the ballad "Who You Are" in conjunction with "Do It Like A Dude" as a set up track. This freaklicious, stomping video shows that Jessie J is a new force in pop to be reckoned with. Girl's got swagger! What do you think of Jessie J?

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Listen to Jessie J "Who You Are"

Newcomer Jessie J belts her heart out on the stunning "Who You Are" that has officialy been selected as her debut single. I alerted you earlier about the emerging British pop singer when I posted the tongue-in-cheek "Do It Like A Dude." Jessie is being championed by Dr Luke and was signed by Jason Lom, former CEO of Capitol/Atlantic Records and the man who discovered Katy Perry. 

Jessie is a gifted pop chameleon who can easily morph from being the brassy pop povocateur on "Do It Like A Dude" to the poised soul diva on "Who You Are." Her mind-blowing vocal delivery on "Who You Are" add a heartfelt dimension to lyrics like, "Dreaming is believing. It's okay not to be okay. Just be true to who are." Emotions that we all can relate to in one way or another.

"Who You Are" is about a point in Jessie's career where the singer's aspirations were hanging on a thread. "The most important thing in life is to be happy, but everything had become too 'business' and sterile. I really thought I was going to quit—not music, but the music industry...it wasn't easy," Jessie explains in a press relesase. "I was really down, but when I'm down, I write a song about it." Thank you for that, dear Jessie.

The song is taken from Jessie's debut LP. No release date has been set, but boy, this is an album to look out for.

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