Listen to James Leon "Bad Guy"

Erasure's Andy Bell once told me that he believed that some of the best pop music is sparked by the biggest heartache. "Even happiness comes from hurt," he added in an interview with me.

James Leon's "Bad Guy" is a good example of that. The core of the retro-styled song is a combination of Leon's bittersweet lyrics and a mid-tempo, synthastic arrangement that has a bit of a Pet Shop Boys feel to it.

The British newcomer writes me that "Bad Guy" was inspired by a hurtful experience that I'm sure many people can relate to. "It was written in the autumn about a summer romance," he writes. "It's bittersweet - looking back on it with a romantic glow but with sadness and regret (. . . ) not being able to be what that person needs, yet always being the one who finds it hard to let go afterwards, still caring and missing the person while the other moves on."

Listen to more of James Leon's music on his MySpace page.

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