They're Back! Listen to New J Davey Track "Mama's Back"

J Davey is one of the hottest new acts you should know about. Serving up a blend of pop, electro and R&B, they are one of those acts that can re-energize the pop scene with tunes that are not freakishly different, but offer a new perspective on what we already know.

I saw the L.A. duo perform back in 2007 at the Viper Room in Hollywood and was blown away by the incredible stage presence of front woman Jack Davey. Eclectic and energetic, she has the stuff stars are made of.

Jack Davey's partner in crime is soundboard wiz and Prince scholar Brook D'Leau who fuses together an invigorating mix of what they like to describe as "genre X," a blend of electronica, rock, hip hop, jazz, pop and disco. The two met in high school through a mutual friend and they quickly discovered they had a similar taste in music. Jack is mostly influenced by classic jazz and late '70s fusion, while Brook has an interest in sounds from the '80s like Prince, Talking Heads and the Police.

After they were signed to Warner Music with a development deal, things got very quiet for a couple years. Now, the group is back and ready for the big time. Their single "Mama's Back" is a super hooky and buzzing slice of funky urban pop. Watch the video for "Mama's Back" and go download it on iTunes.

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