Watch Industry's New Video for "Burn"

Let's start the weekend with a pop pleasure of the guiltiest kind. Check out the brand-new video for "Burn" by new Irish boy/girl pop sensation Industry. It's a super slick, slow-churning ballad that already has been topping the charts in Ireland and surely will get great radio play elsewhere in Europe as well. If I must choose, I prefer the energy-packed and uplifting Holter/Erixson vs Tom Bola remix over this original version. Download that MP3 totally guilt-free here.

Video Premiere: Industry "In Your Arms"

The cool (and perfectly coiffed kids) from Industry have released the follow up video to their massively successful Euro hits, "My Baby's Waiting" and "Burn" (FREE DOWNLOAD). "In Your Arms" is a sugar-sweet pop ballad that was written by Industry's own Lee Hutton. Very slick. A true guilty pleasure. Don't say I didn't warn you. The song will be released in Europe in November.