IAMX and Imogen Heap Duet on "My Secret Friend"


IAMX's Chris Corner and Imogen Heap duet on "My Secret Friend," a haunting, slow-churning electro pop gem that is accompanied by a gender-bending video that is equally mesmerizing. Dark and perhaps even a little disturbing that shows Imogen like we've never seen her before.

My Secret Friend" is taken from IAMX's recent album "Kingdom of Welcome Addiction." Chris and Imogen struck a friendship in Europe."Imogen was an acquaintance from my time in London who ironically became familiar with IAMX after I moved away to Berlin," Chris says of his singing partner. "I looked deeper into her own projects and connected instantly with her strength, talent and independent spirit. Her world was a little more refined and cleaner than mine, so I thought it would make sense to drag her into the IAMX gutter for this track."

The two shared some special moments during the recording of the video. "I directed it and we filmed it in my old ruined GDR [East Germany] building just outside Berlin," Chris explains. "There were some special moments - me running around like a modern day Ed Wood in full doll outfit trying to seriously direct... Imogen in full man suit soaked, standing in cold water at night for hours on the brink of catching pneumonia, drunk on Jaegermeister. She completely let go and dealt with her demons. I have never seen her like that."

Watch the video here.

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Imogen Heap Talks With Conde Nast Traveler About New Album


Singer Imogen Heap is featured in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler in which she talks about her new album, "Ellipse."

"When I came home from my last tour, I was completely knackered, my gear was in tatters, my studio was run-down, and I had a new album to write," Immi tells the pub. "I opened Google Earth, spun it a few times, and found what seemed the farthest flung place: Hawaii. I bought a ticket with many stops and took off.”

She continues, "I finished ‘Tidal’ on the train from Hokkaido to Tokyo, riding in my own little cabin. They served complimentary wine and the craziest train food – snails! ‘Tidal’ is about being with somebody in the moment, about disregarding whether you should or shouldn’t do something and relying on instincts. The album is the culmination of the past ten years, when I never had time to stop. On the train –and really on the whole trip - I was able to concentrate and write about things that had been festering inside me.”

Listen to Imogen Heap's entire album (including "Tidal") right here.

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Video: Imogen Heap to Release "Ellipse" on August 26

She's so goofy, but utterly unique. Can't wait for this new album to drop. Check out this little intro video to get a bit of an insight in the making of "Ellipse." Full press release after the jump.

"British singer-songwriter-producer and two time Grammy nominee Imogen Heap is set to release her much anticipated new solo album Ellipse on August 4th [August 26] 2009 through RCA Records.

The same day Imogen wrapped up her tour in support of her last breakthrough album Speak For Yourself, she delved into the writing process for Ellipse. Without so much as unpacking, Heap spun Google Earth around a few times to plot some destinations to begin writing. She began in Hawaii "because it was the furthest landmass from any other landmass in a large amount of blue" and worked her way through Fiji, Tasmania, Japan, China and Thailand. Accompanied by only a small writing set up, Ellipse began to take shape. Imogen then returned home to continue work on the record and remained true to her do-it-yourself ethos, building her new studio in the "playroom" of her old family home in Essex, UK, (an 18th century 'oval villa' restored by her parents) which she took on the responsibilities for just before the start of the record.  

Imogen continues to explore the Artist/Audience relationship she has developed with her fans. She enlisted those who follow her on Twitter (330,000 and counting!) to submit Tweets which were then shaped into her album biography. Imogen kept her fans up-to-date on the recording process by posting 38 vBlogs, which are all available on her website. Upfront of the new album, Imogen even invited fans to complete an unfinished track "The Song That Never Was". She provided the lyrics, and over 500 fans added backing music to create their own versions.  The result would have been record breaking, had she opted to register it beforehand!

Since spearheading the DIY music movement, support from her fans allowed Imogen both critical and commercial breakthroughs, including her Grammy nominations and half a million record sales. Imogen's music has been licensed by some of the most popular films and TV programs including The OC, The Chronicles of Narnia and Garden State. Imogen was at the forefront of the online explosion, leading UK's The Guardian to title her "the first download diva". She maintains one of the biggest profiles online, with more than 40 million plays and over 350,000 friends on Myspace and over 7 million views on You Tube for "Hide and Seek", the standout single from Speak For Yourself.

Imogen continues to be the artists' artist of choice when it comes to collaborations, notably on Nitin Sawhney's critically acclaimed current album 'London Undersound', with former Sneaker Pimp's IAMX on "Secret Friend", and more recently teaming up with multi-platinum music artist Mika to write with and produce a song on his new album due out later this year."

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Video: Mika Collaborates with Imogen Heap on New Album

Here's an interesting little tidbit to start your weekend with.

On this new video blog, Imogen Heap reveals that she is working with Mika on a track for his forthcoming new album. "We met at the Ivor Novello Awards this year, and he suggested we might get together and write a song. So we did," says Heap on her new video blog. "He is a very nice guy, very sweet (. . .)  We don't know if it will end up on the album, some things change. Apparently, his mum really likes it though."

Watch Immi's video blog for the full scoop. Don't expect new work from Mika until 2009.

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Imogen Heap Hearts Michael Jackson


Who knew Imogen Heap was such a Michael Jackson fanatic?

Click HERE to hear Immi talk about her MJ obsession that nearly drove her to religion and made her want to attend bible classes. In related Imogen news, make sure to download "Not Now, But Soon," a brand-new track the singer recorded for the new Heroes soundtrack.

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