Listen to Icona Pop "Still Don't Know"


Here's some fresh new Swedish pop for your weekend.

Listen to Icona Pop's "Still Don't Know," a brand-new track that follows "Manners" that first appeared on the Kitsune 10 compilation. Icona Pop is the pairing of female DJs Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo who decided on a "neon-lit night" to write songs about "dark feelings and happy moments." Think The Ting Tings meet Lo-Fi-Fnk.

Driven by galloping percussion and a glowing chorus, "Still Don't Know" neatly shows what Icona Pop's forward brand of music is all about. Caroline and Aino create savvy pop tunes that are dominated by quirky production stylings and carefree, accessible lyrics that listeners can quickly relate to. It's the type of left-field pop that makes you want to chew on again and again, and can enjoy long after the first bite.

Pop heads among you will get hooked on the chorus of "Still Don't Know" the instant it hits. Guaranteed. Listen to the entire song after the break.

November 27, 2010 in Icona Pop | Permalink