Safe Trip Home Viral Video

SonyBMG marketers have created a little viral video for one of their artists who is about to release new work soon. Check out a brief little clip above that is part of their marketing campaign. It's not all that compelling I think, and it's pretty clear who the artist is, right? No big surprise.

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Look Who It is!


Look who is back on the cover of a famous Dutch magazine that is a bit of cult read and available at American Apparel around the world?

Here's a little hint: This Dolly-loving, New Yorker is back in the studio to work on more fun, frivolous and frisky tunes with his rainbow-colored writing partners.

Answer after the jump.

It's Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears on the cover of the new issue of BUTT magazine!


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Guess The Artist

I spoke with this artist the evening before Thanksgiving to talk about his debut album that drops in stores tomorrow. Check out a fragment of our phone call below and guess who he is. Here's a hint: This ambitious and daydreaming idol hopes to turn high television ratings into big record sales. Answer after the jump.


It's Blake Lewis!

This season's American Idol runner up is releasing his debut album "Audio Day Dream" tomorrow. A surprising effort with influences ranging from Erasure ("End Of The World") to Prince ("She's Making Me Loose It"). Check out some samples of the record here.

My entire interview with Blake will appear on Bravo TV's web site this week.

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Guess the Artist


Who was prancing and dancing around in a pair of fashionable silver shoes last night? Hints: This "drama queen" has a love for classic divas, Georgian architecture and knows how to strike different poses. Answer after the jump.


It is Rufus Wainwright!

I saw Rufus perform an amazing show in Atlanta, GA last night. Check out some of my photos of his gig below. Brief review coming on Thursday.


(All photos by Arjan Writes)

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Guess the Artist #2


What emerging young electro pop star was in the audience watching the Scissor Sisters perform in New York last weekend? Hints: This person is a Bauhaus fanatic, studies music and psychology, likes some "danger" and it is not the dude flipping a bird in the photo. Click the image to enlarge it and look at to crowd to find out who it is. Answer after the jump.


It is Tom Napack of Dangerous Muse! He gives the Scissor Sisters' show at Madison Square Garden two thumbs up. "I think Jake Shears is the Mick Jagger of the new millenium," Tom writes me in an email yesterday. The way he darted around the stage, he totally captivated the audience and me."

If you are in Los Angeles next week, make sure to catch Dangerous Muse. They guys are playing a DJ set for MTV's LOGO together with Erasure on March 8 and they will be performing a show on March 17 at Los Angeles Theatre. Go see them and hear some new tracks from their upcoming debut album.

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