The Friday Punch: Goldfrapp, Temposhark, Hercules & Love Affair, Mika, Jordin Sparks, Hot Chip


Temposhark and Goldfrapp are featured on MySpace Music this week. On a related note, the photo above is a very, very rare photo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory together. So pretty. The group's new album "Seventh Tree" hits stores next week. Expect reviews to pour in this weekend.

J*Davey launched a new MySpace page with a pretty cool way to present themselves. All we need now is a release date of their debut album.

  Streetlab remixes Hot Chip's "One Pure Thought" from their brand-new album. Grab a free MP3 here.

Very cool: My pals over at NewNowNext score an exclusive interview with Mizz Janet Jackson.

The Bird & The Bee release a new digital EP. Check out some new tracks here.

My guilty pleasure track this week is Jordin Spark's duet with Chris Bown, "No Air." Such a feel-good and crisp pop track. I also received a copy of Sparks' debut album this week and I must say that with tracks produced by Cathy Dennis and Bloodshy & Avant this LP might have some longevity.

David Byrn's Luaka Bop's label will be releasing "Brazil Classics at 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed," a 10-track vinyl compilation of music from the tropicalia, samba, forro and mangue beat scene. Get a taste by downloading a guilt-free MP3 of "Claustrofobia" by Martinho Da Silva.

Hottest performance at the Brits? Mika featuring Beth Ditto. This has campy gay goodness written all over it. Yum. Really curious to hear new Mika material soon.

Chester French introduced their drummer. Holy shit! Manny knows how to hit it.

Check out the video for Hercules & Love Affair's "Blind" that features vocals by the always amazing Antony. Definitely hot to hear Antony sing over a kicky disco beat. Single will be released on March 3 on EMI in the U.K.

And yes, I'm joining the hip crowd and will be getting an iPhone today. Any apps you suggest I should download. Other tips?

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Watch New Goldfrapp Video for "A&E"

Here it is. The much-anticipated video for Goldfrapp's new single "A&E."

Following the song's lyrics, you might have expected the video to take place in a hospital, but instead it is a forest scene with Alison appearing in a pretty white dress prancing around with camouflage dancers.

The best part of the entire video comes actually at the very end when Will Gregory makes a rare appearance.

Just lovely.

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Exclusive: Arjan Interviews Alison Goldfrapp


People that have heard Goldfrapp's forthcoming new album "Seventh Tree" have mixed feelings about the album's introverted, electro-folk sound. Some are missing the stomping disco from "Supernature," while others enjoy the softer tones of "Seventh Tree."

I like to call it a "rainy day record." It is one of those albums that you listen to when you have the time to truly experience it. it is an eclectic effort that holds a lot of autobiographical clues that might take some time to get a taste for. You can listen to the album's first single "A&E" on MySpace.

After I met Alison in 2003 and 2005, I spoke with her again late 2007 to discuss the new record.

Of course, I was compelled to ask her about the band's new direction on "Seventh Tree." The question might be somewhat cliché, but I was curious if there was anything specific that prompted it. Click on the player below to hear what she had to say about it. (I will be featuring more of the interview in the next weeks leading up to the album release on February 26.)

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Goldfrapp's New Single "A&E" + Remixes


I met Alison Goldfrapp a couple of weeks ago to discuss Goldfrapp's upcoming new album "The Seventh Tree."  She told me that the toned down sound of the duo's new record is a result of healthy artistic progression and simply doing "what felt right."

She also confided that "a lot of things happened" in her personal life that directly influenced the sonics and lyrics on "The Seventh Tree." The story told on the album's first single, titled "A&E," is a good example of that. You can listen to a lo-fi version of it on YouTube.

Alison sings about a "bright blue Saturday" after an "accident and emergency." There's no cloud in the sky and she looks back at a bad situation that made her "feeling blue" and the singer concludes that finally "the pain has started to slip away" even though she admits there might be "pills at work."

The song captures a moment of clarity as if she just woke up from a bad dream and can think rationally about what happened to her.

"A&E" is one of the most radio-friendly tracks on Goldfrapp's new album. That starry build up and Alison's soaring vocals around the 1 minute mark give me goose bumps every time. Head over to the Golfdrapp messageboard to get a taste of the "A&E" remixes, including the trippy Boratto remix.

(I will post clips of my exclusive Goldfrapp interview once it gets closer to the release of the album.)

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Goldfrapp Finishes New Album


Jolly goodness.

Goldfrapp let fans in on brand-new details about their new album in a special email:

"Just to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you... News has reached these parts that after months of beavering away in studios from the West Country to the West Coast, and having returned from their recent stint in LA LA land, Alison and Will are in the UK putting the finishing touches to the album this week. As yet untitled (so keep those suggestions coming), it will be rearing its antlers early next year... Keep logged on to the website for more news in the coming weeks, and perhaps a few tasters for you... if you behave yourselves... That is all for now. More news soon."

Head over to to hear a glimpse of the new record. Keep looking at that nature scene as well. You'll discover Alison and Will passing by the camera.

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