Exclusive: Listen to Fischerspooner "The Best Revenge" (AutoKratz Righteous Retribution Remix)


Check out a banging electro remix of Fischerspooner's new single "The Best Revenge" by London electro duo Autokratz.

The group turned the original into a hard-pounding electro work out filled with kicky drum loops, buzzing basslines and dancefloor-ready synth shuffles. It's like a freigh train coming right at you. There's no escaping. Casey Spooner's original vocals are almost completely stripped out of the production except from a fragment around the 3:15 minute mark that is followed by a cool effect of something that seems like the sound of a cigarette getting lit.

Download the radio edit of "The Best Revenge," and the remixes by Autokratz and Alex Gopher on Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown or Groovedis.

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Listen to New Fischerspooner "The Best Revenge"


They are baaaaack!

If you read this, you know how anxious I was to hear new material from Fischerspooner. It is a band that challenged my perception of music and art by pushing the boundaries of modern electronica on their innovative debut LP "#1" and its accompanying stage show.

After their second album "Odyssey" was released in 2005, Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer finally return with the song "The Best Revenge" that will be included on the Kitsune "Maison 5" album compilation that will be out on February 4. This new Fischerspooner track will be released separately as a single on January 14th with a second single to follow in February. (The new press photo above is part of a larger photo that you can see here.)

"The Best Revenge" definitely present a new, yet still familiar sound that combines synthetic elements with real instruments. The result is a track that is really organic and pleasantly mild, particularly compared to the artful weirdness on "#1 and the Linda Perry produced rock-driven sonics on "Odyssey." The inclusion of the horns is very nice, especially in the instrumental bridge.

Listen to Fischerspooner "The Best Revenge"

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New Music from Fischerspooner


Very exciting news!

Casey Spooner was videotaped by a reporter from NME about new Fischerspooner music and is giving away some clues about what's to come.

After the duo of Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer split from Capitol Records, Fischerspooner have been recording new music as an independent band since January.

After the "synthetic" sound of their debut and the Linda Perry-produced, acoustic sound of "Odessey," Spooner reveals that their third record does not sound like either two, but more "poppy." This new album is produced by Jeff Salzman who worked on The Killers' first record.

Mmm. That is making me very curious. One of their publicity peeps tells me that the record is currently being mixed in Los Angeles and close to being finalized. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Ever since I heard "Emerge" I have been a Fischerspooner fan. "Odyssey" was so underrated and deserved way more attention. If you have a moment, check out tracks like "Happy," "Cloud" and the sublime "A Kick In The Teeth."

On a related note, Casey writes on his MySpace blog that he recently went to see Justin Timberlake in concert and admits that it "sucked" but that he "loved" the sound of 10,000 screaming girls.

Watch NME Casey Spooner Interview

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