Free Download: Tina Dico "Count To Ten"


Tina Dico shares her truth on the title song of her new album "Count To Ten." The song makes a powerful statement about letting go and taking time to move on from what's irreparable.  "Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to go slow," she sings. "Sometimes if you wanna hold on, you gotta let go."

With a grit similar to Sheryl Crow and a melodic sense comparable to Imogen Heap, the Danish singer serves up a sound that is compelling and fresh. Particularly impressive is an epic, orchestral middle eight that emerges after the song gradually builds, starting out acoustically then followed by a trippy electronic beat. Wow.

Dico's album "Count To Ten" was released in the U.S. on April 8. Some of you might know the bright-eyed Dico as the former vocalist of British downtempo duo Zero 7. In her home country of Denmark, she is already considered a very successful solo artist who received multiple awards and achieved record sales with the release of "Count To Ten" last year. (Thanks, Ryan)

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