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Esser put together two fun little mixtapes to promote the upcoming U.S. release of his debut album "Braveface." The mixtapes are as diverse and quirky as his own original music, blending the old and new, the sweet and crunchy, and the pop and rock with a little hip hop.

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Esser Releases Debut Album "Braveface"


I alerted you a few months ago about the fraiche and forward pop of former Ladyfuzz drummer Esser. Mixing ska-influenced electro pop with wry and interesting lyrics, Esser makes smart pop music that is both confident and fun.

Esser wrote and produced "Braveface" with no label or marketing behind it. But he quickly gained a loyal following when Kaiser Chiefs decided to bring him on a sold out arena tour as their opening act. He even caught the eye of Atlanta-based Cee-Lo who invited him to do production on his upcoming solo record. Not too shabby for a spunky upstart.

Check out a free download of Esser's "Long Arms."
"Braveface" is only available in the UK in good 'ole CD format. You can also indulge in a limited edition vinly LP version of the album. Only 300 pressed.

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Free Download: Esser "Headlock"


Check out a totally-free download of Esser's brand-new single "Headlock." Following the release of "I Love You," this new track is another good example of his Esser's left-field pop experimentations. The song is a quirky and totally fun tune that combines the singer's indie sensibilities with a distinct pop flavor. It's sweet and crunchy as I like to put it. The 23 year-old singer was initially signed to hipster label Merok, but is now part of Transgressive Records, wihch has a distribution and promotion pact with Warner Brother to give obscure new talent a chance to get some mainstream exposure. Let's see how fast the Esser buzz catches on overseas.

Download Esser "Headlock"

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Video Premiere: Esser "Headlock"

Check out Esser's very first video for his very first U.K single, titled "Headlock." I alerted you about Esser a few months ago when I featured him as a hot new talent to look out for.  Hailing from Essex, England, the 23 year-old comes from a family of musicians. His father is a music teacher and his younger brother is a drummer who now plays in Esser's band. The singer started fidgeting with a drum computer and some instruments when he was 11 and he has been crafting bedroom tunes ever since.

Hipper than hip indie label Merok saw the potential and signed him to their roster after previously launching the careers of alt-pop bands like The Klaxons, Crystal Castles and The Teenagers. Since then, Warner Brothers UK has gotten hold of Esser and is now launching him as one of their major new acts.

Esser has all the makings of the next big "indie" thing. His music is quirky, totally fun and it has a cool, home-made vibe to it that serves up a dose of authenticity so many listeners are looking for.  And like I said before, his handsome good looks and his rockabilly fashion sense will give the hipster kids plenty to drool over.

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