Video: Arjan Interviews Erik Hassle

Check out my video interview with emerging Swedish pop singer Erik Hassle. From his apartment balcony in London, Erik talks a little about how he got started in the music industry, he reveals how he keeps his hair so perfectly upright, plus he gives his thoughts about fans, fame and Madonna.

The singer's songs are shooting up the charts in Sweden. His debut single there, "Hurtful," has already spent over a year at the top of the Swedish Single and Airplay charts. Success in the U.K. may soon follow as well with the release of his British debut "Don't Bring Me Flowers" on Monday. Click here to listen to Erik's music.

Video Premiere: Erik Hassle "Don't Bring Me Flowers"

Check out this brand-new video for Erik Hassle's debut U.K.single, "Don't Bring Me Flowers," which will be released next week. Erik shot this moody video a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, a place that he likes a lot, because "the weather always seems to be nice there," he told me in an exclusive video interview. Look out for the video interview with Erik in the next couple of days.

Listen to Erik Hassle and MPHO "Don't Bring Me Flowers After I'm Dead"


Brilliant! This has a chorus to die for (not to mention that killer middle eight).

Check out an excellent duet between two incredible, emerging talents, Erik Hassle and MHPO. The unlikely duo duets on Hassle's "Don't Bring Me Flowers After I'm Dead." This is pure pop brilliance all around. More. more, more!

Hassle's original version of "Don't Bring Me Flowers After I'm Dead" is released in the U.K. as his debut single on August 24. The song is a powerful slice of acoustic-synth pop that features the singer's melodramatic lyrics, such as “Don’t bring flowers after I’m dead, save your givings for the living instead," which could be torn from a teenager's diary.

Erik Hassle Announces New Single + UK Tour


Erik Hassle is taking his pop from Sweden to the UK. On August 24, he will release his UK debut single "Don't Bring Flowers" through Island Records.  The latest in a long line of stand out Scandi pop artists, Erik is a massive word of mouth success in Sweden - his debut single there, "Hurtful" (to be released in the UK later in 2009) has already spent over a year at the top of the Swedish Single and Airplay charts.

Hassle will be in the UK for a mini tour of performances. Dates and cities include King Tut’s, Glasgow (August 15), Matt & Phreds, Manchester (August 16),  Academy 3 (02), Birmingham (August 18), Hoxton B&K, London (August 19), Queen of Hoxton, London (August 20)

"Don’t Bring Flowers"  is a powerful slice of acoustic-synth pop – a moment of high lyrical melodrama, about being “so deep into the shit I can taste the earth” and how “each day I die in a million ways” – these lyrics are the torn out pages of a secret teen diary – whose chorus begs “don’t bring flowers after I’m dead, save your givings for the living instead”.

The single showcases the powerful and emotive voice that Erik discovered as a child, encouraged by his music obsessive parents – his mother was a singer who performed on stage whilst pregnant with Erik, and his father ran a music studio and got Erik into his collection of Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett records from an early age.  Erik grew up in a remote place, once voted ‘The Most Boring Town in Sweden’, and it was his early love of music that drove him to leave home on his own, aged 15, and move to Stockholm to study music.