[VIDEO] Arjan chats with Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings (aka John O'Regan) is one of the most adventurous new pop artists I've come across lately. Known for his overly glamorous live sets and daring androgynous outfits, his debut album "Special Affections" is a genre-crossing, eclectic mash of pop, dance and indie rock that showcases real human emotion and honest vulnerability. 

I recently chatted with the Toronto artist to learn a bit more about how the music on his album came about. He opens up about growing up "feeling different" in high school, which let him explore different interests that ultimately let to the musical diversity on "Special Affections." He also dishes on touring with Robyn and all their backstage fun.

To celebrate the re-release of "Special Affections" on EMI/Astralwerks in the U.S. today. Download "Special Affections" on iTunes.

June 21, 2011 in Diamond Rings | Permalink