[REVIEW] Darren Hayes "Talk Talk Talk"


Darren Hayes is a true pop innovator who constantly challenges himself creatively to serve up exciting new music that is often a reflection of his own state of mind. After the slick pop production of his solo debut LP "Spin" and the angsty follow-up "The Tension & The Spark," the former Savage Garden singer returned with the very ambitious concept LP "This Delicate Thing We've Made" in 2007. The record turned out to be an intensely cathartic effort for Hayes that dealt with many of the inner-conflicts that had occupied him for so long

After taking a lengthy break, the Aussie crooner is now gearing up to return with a brand-new CD that is introduced by the splashy lead single "Talk Talk Talk," which was produced by Carl Falk and mixed by Rob Orton. The song reveals a contemporary, poppier sound that should appeal to a wide audience of music lovers with its pop-savvy production, uplifting melody and catchy vocal hooks (the song's soaring middle eight is especially splendid). 

The upbeat melodic stylings of the song contrasts harmoniously with its serious undertones that discuss a break-down in communication between two lovers. Hayes sings, "I know you want to shut down. I know you think we're better alone (. . .) You can hide away your feelings and burn your bridges in the dark, but I know you want to break through. Just breath out because all I want to do is just talk talk talk to you." 

Inspired by Michael Jackson's" Dangerous" album cover, the single comes along with a fantastic new video of kaleidoscopic beauty that shows a collage of vibrant, animated images with close ups of Hayes stacked against them. Watch the video for "Talk Talk Talk" after the break. (Support new pop and download "Talk Talk Talk" on iTunes.)

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[FIRST LOOK] Darren Hayes "Talk Talk Talk" Video


It's been a while, but after years of anticipation Aussie pop singer Darren Hayes is gearing up to return to the pop scene with his new single "Talk Talk Talk." The tune was written by Hayes, produced by Car Falk and mixed by the very talented Rob Orton. I've heard the entire track and I think it is very, very good. Stay tuned for a full review soon.

Hayes unleased a preview of the video for "Talk Talk Talk" this morning that will be released in conjunction with the worldwide release of the single on June 24. Once again, Hayes matches style with substance in what looks to be a very colorful video with a kaleidoscopic collage and layering of images. A worthy watch for an excellent listen. Watch it after the break.

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Video: Arjan Interviews Darren Hayes about New DVD, Prop 8, Kanye West and Much More

Darren Hayes just can't still and give himself a break. Such a busy bee. Even though he hasn't been recording any new music lately (sorry peeps) or playing any shows, the singer has been releasing and promoting some other very exciting new things.

He invited me to send him some questions about his DVD release and I figured this concerned his concert DVD that was released a few months ago. It is a perfect stocking stuffer, so with the holidays around the corner great timing to talk about it again.

But who knew that he is releasing a whole new DVD in the next couple of months? A very, very special one actually. Directed by his partner Richard Cullen (who's such a sweetheart in person),  This Delicate FILM We've Made is a compilation of high-end animations and "glorious" surround-sound remixes from songs off "This Delicate Thing We've Made" that will be in stores in February 2009. However, a limited edition super dooper version is available in December. Hayes explains it all in this very special video interview I did with him.

On a more serious note, Darren also talks extensively about the Prop 8 mess in California. Everybody should have a look and see how Hayes makes sense of the situation by just going back to the basics. "Prop 8 was a huge blow to me personally, but also to the world in terms of civil rights. I'm not angry as much as determined (. . . ) I truly think that as a culture we will be embarrassed in twenty years time that we actually tried to legislate discrimination," he says.

I told him I'm active with GLAAD as I believe accurate and fair portrayal of gays and lesbians in the media can make a huge difference in people's perceptions and thinking. Darren encourages people to read  M.L. King's writings, because "passive resistance is the way to go" to accomplish change.

He ends the video with some very nice word about Kanye West.

Thanks for doing this video,  Mr. Hayes. You're brill, kind and witty as always. See you soon London!

The 2007 Punch: My Favorite Albums of The Year


Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Róisín Murphy "Overpowered"
Timeless and intelligent dance pop by a top-notch performer. Bring on more Róisín in 2008 please!

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Siobhan Donaghy "Ghosts"
Donaghy broke out of her girl group mold and pushed her artistic boundaries in exciting new directions. "Ghosts" is one of the most overlooked, yet sublime pop records of the year.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Charlotte Gainsbourg "5.55"
Subtle, soft and chic. It is like Chanel No. 5 for your ears.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Darren Hayes "This Delicate Thing We've Made"
"This Delicate Thing We've Made" is just that. A delicate piece of work that takes you on a journey through time with Hayes' distinct vocals and Justin Shave's accomplished production stylings.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Kenna "Make Sure They See My Face"
Genre-buster Kenna combines electronica, funk, pop and hip hop so elegantly that it rocks.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Will.I.Am "Songs About Girls"
A bold solo record by one of the most genius producers of the moment.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Anouk "Who's Your Momma"
Confident and honest, this rock chick tells it like it is. Expect "Good God" to climb the global charts in 2008.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Passenger "Wicked Man's Rest"
Touching balladry sang by one of the year's most striking new voices.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Tracey Thorn "Out Of The Wood"
A perfect marriage of style and substance. And her voice is priceless.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Roz Bell "The First Sunbeams"
Bell combines songwriting talent with a laid-back attitude that is simply irresistible.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Klaxons "Myths Of The Near Future"
These three lads got me dizzy on my feet when I saw them perform at Coachella back in April. This is rock and roll for the here and now.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 I also enjoyed listening to albums by these great artists in 2007:

Kate Havnevik "Melankton"
Kanye West "Graduation"
Dragonette "Galore"
Alison Moyet "The Turn"
Young Love "Too Young To Fight It"
Just Jack "Overtones"
Annie Lennox "Songs Of Mass Destruction"
Kocky "Kingdome Come"
M.I.A. "Kala"

Exclusive Darren Hayes Contest with Limited-Edition Prizes


ArjanWrites.com and Borders have teamed up for a very special Darren Hayes contest.

Have a chance to win a limited-edition Darren Hayes poster and a copy of his double-disc "This Delicate Thing We've Made." Darren will sign both items and he will personalize the poster with the name of the winner. Pretty special!

I will randomly select two winners from the entries received. Darren will sign the posters and CDs after his performance at Borders on Columbus Circle in New York on November 27. Make sure to go check him out for this intimate in-store gig if you live in Manhattan.

You can enter the drawing until Monday, November 26 noon EST.

Enter the your name after the jump.

(Contest Closed.)