[Album Review] Sweden's Adrian Lux Impresses With Self-Titled Debut Album


By Steve Siegel

There are only a few up and coming electronic artists who have made an impact on commercial dance music like Adrian Lux. The Swedish DJ and producer has a robust remix portfolio (PNAU, Rebecca & Fiona, The Good Natured) exciting collaborations ("Eagles" with Sander Van Doorn), and of course, his originals ("Teenage Crime" and "Can't Sleep"). This week, he unveiled his self-titled debut release on Ultra Records, entitled "Adrian Lux," that brings the former model's considerable talents together in one pristine package of pop-savvy electronic productions.  

As modern dance music continuously produces new talents piggy backing off the euphoric trance chord mania started by Axwell and Avicii, Lux's album showcases his distinct compositional method. Lux fills his album with a lush array of synthesizers and anthemic vocals while also utilizing a variety of striking production techniques not normally seen in the electronic world (for example, the stirring acoustic guitar of "Teenage Crime"). The result is the best debut album release of this young year and an album that will definitely be in consideration for dance music album of 2012.

However, even I wasn’t prepared for the perfection Lux threw at me with the opening track, "Burning." This is probably my favorite cut on the album. It begins with high octave arpeggio that is endlessly appetizing to the ear (the Lux trademark). Next, the lovely vocals of Dante come in, detailing the agonizing details of a break-up (classic EDM right here folks).  

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Listen to Yasmin "Finish Line" (Freemasons Radio Edit)


Freemasons' radio edit of Yasmin's "Finish Line" packs a positive punch that will have you grooving along instantly. I promise. Yasmin is a British-Iranian artist based in London who released this song in the UK earlier this month. "Finish Line" was produced by Labrinth who previously collaborated with Tinie Tempah ("Pass Out," "Frisky") and released his own artist single "Let The Sun Shine" last year.

In an interview with Ministry of Sound, Yasmin explains what the song means to her. "It was the first song that I made where I really felt like I’d found my own sound and who I wanted to be as an artist. [The song] is about a mutual decision in any relationship that you sometimes have to make when you realise that no matter how much you want it to work, it’s not going to."

Already charting in the UK, some great remixes of "Finish Line" are making their way internationally just in time for the start of the summer season. Freemasons not only produced this excellent radio mix of the song, but they also produced an atmospheric, chill out After Hours mix of "Finish Line" that is included on the "Finish Line" EP. Listen to tracks of the remix EP here. (Download)

Watch Alex Gaudino "I'm In Love (I Want To Do It)"


Featuring the vocals of the spunky Maxine Ashley, Alex Gaudino's "I'm In Love (I Want To Do It)" is blowing up on radios and dancefloors around Europe. With its feel-good melody and pop-savvy beats, it is a bonafide summer fling that is accompanied by a video that perfectly fits the song and the season. Watch it after the jump. (Click here to download the song. Cool Keith Harin-inspired art too.)

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