Video Interview: Arjan chats with D-Why

Emerging hip pop MC D Why will be hitting the scene this year with a brand new mixtape, titled "Don't Flatter Yourself," that he is currently putting the final touches on. This new independent effort follows the early success of a slew of tracks that he posted on YouTube, including his remakes of Miike Snow's "Animal" (feat. Sky Ferreira) and Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow."

The sartorially-inclined MC and singer brings a fresh new perspective to the crowded hip pop scene by infusing his happy go lucky hip pop joints with a sharp sense of style and swagger that he combines with catchy indie sensibilities.

D-Why and I recently chatted about his forthcoming new mixtape, his inspirations, and the spiffy and stylish dresser also has some valuable 2011 fashion tips for all the guys out there. Great guy, fun interview. (Thank you David and Nathalia)

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Introducing D Why, Watch "Animal" (Miike Snow & Sky Ferreira Remix)


What J Crew is to everyday fashion, D Why plans to be for everyday hip pop. Smart, colorful, upbeat, always in fashion and fit for the season. The sartorially-inclined MC and singer infuses his happy go lucky hip pop joints with a sharp sense of style and swagger that he combines with catchy indie sensibilities, which bring a fresh new vibe to the crowded hip pop scene.

His clever lyrics about love, life and everything in between excude a lust for life that will be easy for people everywhere to relate to. "Reach for the stars - even if you land in the clouds, it's better than on the ground where you started," the West Virgina born artist explains on his web site, pointing to his grand motto that drives his lyricism. 

D Why is currently in Los Angeles to put the final touches on his full-length mixtape that will help to introduce more of his music to the masses. Until then, check out his web site to sample and download a few tracks, including his punchy remake of Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow." I particularly like his reflip of Miike Snow's "Animal" that includes pieces of Sky Ferreira's phenomenal acoustic cover of the track. Watch it after the break.

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