Free MP3 Download: Colin Munroe "I Would Die 4 U" (Prince Cover)


After popping unto the scene with his incredible remake of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" and getting rave reviews from fans and peers for his "Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero" mixtape, things got suddenly very quiet around Colin Munroe. Now, almost two years after he first emerged, this incredibly talented Canadian artist is back with another cover. 

After his Kanye revamp and his cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday," he now has put a brand-new spin on Prince's "I Would Die 4 U." That's hardly an easy song to take on, but Munroe does a fine job reinterpreting this '80s pop classic.

In an email to fans today, Munroe sheds a bit of light on his sudden absence. "There were some things that needed dealing with and that dealing is almost done. I was intentionally not releasing any new solo material during that period, but that period is about to end. The story continues and so will the music. I hope you enjoy this small taste of what is to come. Don't look away. Don't think less of me." Never, Colin!

Not sure exactly how indicative this Prince cover is of Munroe's new sound, but I sure hope he maintains some of the spunk and swagger that initially made him such a fresh, new voice. 

Colin Munroe "I Would Die 4 U" (Prince Cover)

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Free MP3 Download: Colin Munroe "Start A War"


Colin Munroe returns with another brand-new track from his forthcoming debut album, "Don't Think Less of Me." "Start A War" is another cute, breezy track that once again shows off Munroe's all-inclusive, genre-crossing songwriting sensibilities. Perfect summer fare. Colin recorded an alternate version of this song which features the lovely vocals of Melanie Fiona. Look out for that one.

Colin Munroe "Start A War"

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Video Premiere: Colin Munroe "Who Killed Davey Moore"

Colin Munroe just continues to crank out some incredible videos for songs from his mixtape "Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero." Check out the latest for his Dylan cover "Who Killed Davey Moore." What an amazing visual concept and flawless execution.

I'm so impressed by the approach Munroe has taken to market his music. He is engaging people in a very grassroots way by releasing his mixtape on a few blogs and creating stellar music videos that just pop up on YouTube. This is a great way for an emerging new artist to create a devoted fanbase that can serve as a solid foundation for many more great things to come.

A little more insight from a press release:

"Dylan packs a punch with his masterful guitar work and insightful lyricism. Meanwhile, Munroe bends and shapes the melody with layers of lush atmospheric vocals. The original version, as heard on Dylan’s Bootleg Series, stood out to Munroe as he wandered around town listening to his iPod. Always adding his own harmonies to the tune, Munroe decided to get in the ring with Dylan while staying true to the original.

'Who Killed Davey Moore' tells the story of a professional boxer who died from inoperable brain damage caused by a TKO at Dodger Stadium in 1963. Dylan’s approach to the true event has him taking the perspectives of the referee, the angry crowd, the cigar chomping manager, the gambling man, the boxing writer and Moore’s opponent, Sugar Ramos."

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Watch Colin Munroe ft. Wale "Will I Stay" (Rehearsal Footage)

Check out a very cool video of Colin Munroe rehearsing "Will I Stay," one of the the lead tracks on his "Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero" mixtape.

Following a sold-out December show at New York City’s Highline Ballroom opening for Wale and Kid Cudi, Colin Munroe stopped by Chung King Studios to record live cuts from his mixtape Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero. This video footage features Colin alongside D.C.-based rapper Wale performing “Will I Stay (Remix).” Colin jumps between keys and drums as Wale brings his lyrical prowess to the table.

Look out for my video interview with Colin Munroe very soon.

Download Colin Munroe ft. Wale "Will I Stay"

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Free Download: Colin Munroe "Piano Lessons"

Colin Munroe, one of my newest favorites, returns with another brand-new track from his fantastic digital mixtape "Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero." In a time when iPod playlists randomly shuffle through limitless genres, the Canadian singer is spearheading a whole new generation of artists that doesn't think in terms of conventional musical stereotypes and genres. Instead, he takes his inspiration from lots of different places to create a unique, innovative brew of his own.

"They say you failed at life if you failed at piano lessons. And I said so be it and I walked out the door," he sings on "Piano Lessons," indicating that sometimes the best way is your own way regardless of people's expectations.

I met up with Colin this past weekend at Dallas Austin's studio in Atlanta where he is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut LP "Don't Think Less Of Me." We spoke at length about his musical experimentation and inspirations. (Look out for this exclusive video interview very soon.)

This autobiographic new track, "Piano Lessons," is just a perfect example of Monroe's unique style of music-making. Featuring Brooklyn MC Joell Ortiz and produced by Black Milk, the song neatly flows pop, hip hop and R&B into one compelling tune that I find so incredibly fresh and catchy. The accompanying video is a visually arresting piece that perfectly fits the song's sweet & crunchy qualities.

Get "Piano Lessons" (plus a fun acapella and instrumental version) as totally-guilt free MP3 download.

Download Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz "Piano Lessons"
Download Colin Munroe ft Joell Ortiz "Piano Lessons" (Acapella)
Download Colin Munroe ft Joell Ortiz "Piano Lessons" (Instrumental)

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