[VIDEO] Cherrytree Pop Chop Interview with Arjan Featuring Colette Carr

There's really no better place to chop it up with Colette Carr than on the beach in Malibu. The California singer and MC is all about bringing her sunny vibes and primo optimismo to her fans through her music, fans and unstoppable creativity.

Colette and I decided to shoot this latest episode of Cherrytree Pop Chop on the beach in Malibu to give the interview a breezy twist that comes along with a few refreshing waves, wet pants and an attack of seaweed as a fitting bonus. Splash!

After her initial success with "Back It Up" and "Malibu Is Poppin'," the singer recently released her catchy new single "(We Do It) Primo" that that neatly packs a message of living the "Primo" life, which in true Colette fashion translates to letting go of worry and living in the moment. Just do it.

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[REVIEW] Colette Carr Wows London Crowd With Debut Performance


Londoners know good pop and it takes a true talent for them to be impressed by anything new on the scene. Most newcomers would be wracked with nerves to play their first-ever liver gig in this pop town, but not Colette Carr. The bold Malibu, CA singer and MC was ready to make her mark and lay down some new rules when she made her performance debut at the Cherrytree London concert on Monday evening at King's College.

After Ellie Goulding kindly introduced her, Carr jumped onto the stage bursting with confidence and ready to give the audience a dose of her primo. Her action-filled, twenty minute set featured older and new songs, including her explosive MTV smash "Back It Up" and her new single "(We Do It) Primo" the happy-go-lucky tune that was produced by labelmate Frankmusik.

Dressed in a tasteful glittery dress (as seen in the "Primo" video), Carr had the crowd with their hands in the air swaying along to her unique brand of girl pop that combines catchy hooks with banging beats and her sunny outlook on life. What makes Colette Carr's music and performance stand out is that her Cali spunk and swagger is always well-behaved and never out of line, which is refreshing.

The audience agreed. "This girl is major," I heard someone next to me whisper to a group of friends who all nodded their heads in agreement.

Mission accomplished, because that's exactly the type of response Carr set out to achieve with her debut show. She's only just getting started and an early buzz like that can eventually trigger a firestorm. 

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Video Interview: Arjan Chats With Colette Carr About Her New Music Video

Colette Carr continues to bring her sunny Malibu vibes to the rest of the world in the video for her new single "We Do It (Primo)" that premiered yesterday on Vevo. It's a free-flowing video that packs a message of living the "Primo" life - letting go of worry and living in the moment. The song was produced by Frankmusik who also makes a cameo in the video. (Watch the video)

I caught up with Colette last night to chat a little bit more about the video and the big idea that inspired it. We also talked about her upcoming Cherrytree London performance that marks her very first stage performance as a singer. Colette also gives a big shout out to the Goers, her dedicated and growing army of fans who have supported her ever since she released her first mixtape.

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Colette Carr "(We Do It) Primo" Available Now on iTunes (Prod. by Frankmusik)

Congratulations to Colette Carr with the release of her new single "(We Do It) Primo" on iTunes and Amazon.com today. It is an excellent effort that marks only the beginning of the Carr chart take-over. After making her start working with The Cataracs, hitting MTV with her video "Back It Up" and blowing up Cherrytree Radio with "Malibu Is Poppin," the emerging Cali pop singer is eager to bring pop fans more of her kicky and confident brand of pop (click here to learn a little more about Carr's story). Produced by our pal Frankmusik, "(We Do It) Primo" is a refreshing splash of good, clean fun with a sassy twist. Go cop that pop.

Grab it on Amazon
Grab it on iTunes 

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Ready to Pop: Colette Carr "(We Do It) Primo"


Colette Carr is a true social media phenomenon. Without any big marketing budget or advertising push, the spunky California singer and MC has built up a steady fanbase by simply engaging with fans one on one on Twitter, Facebook and her web site to spike interest and fuel word of mouth about her music.

As a result, Carr has not only garned thousands of loyal fans who follow her every move, she has also been noted by the music industry at large. Ever since its inception, Carr has been hovering at the top of the new Billboard Uncharted chart, a countdown of emerging new artists that is put together by the music publication

Over the past year, Carr has been working with people like Cherrytree Records chairman Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum, Pharrell and Frankmusik to finetune her sound.

What makes Carr truly stand out from the pack is that she's a great example of successful artist development. Instead of a rush to market or fluffy hype, there's proper nurturing of her unique talents to carve out a niche in the pop universe that she can fully own. "Keeping it hush, can you keep it on the low," as Carr likes to say, indicating that it is better to wait to have her sound mature and thrive than to be tempted to go at it too early.

When I spoke with Frankmusik back in October, he was excited to be working with Carr. "I'd like to turn her into the female Frankmusik," he noted. I wasn't sure what to exactly make of that statement without hearing any music, but after listening to Carr's new "(We Do It) Primo" I know exactly what he means.

Produced by Frankmusik, "(We Do It) Primo" is Carr's formal debut single that was released last night. Pop aficionados among you will immediately recognize the sample of Keane's evergreen tune "Somewhere Only We Know" that Frank and Carr incorporated into the track. 

Colette Carr's "(We Do It) Primo" is a fresh, finely produced and hyper infectious slice of pop that highlights her care-free attitude, and has her sunny Malibu personality splashed all over it. It's time for more people to discover Colette Carr and "(We Do It) Primo" fully delivers.

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