Watch & Download Cicada "Psycho Thrills" (Dyebox Remix)

Check out the new video for Cicada's spunky little electro ditty, "Psycho Thrills," which was cut to the Capricorn remix of the song (remixed by Cicada) themselves. Click here to download the Dyebox remix of "Psycho Thrills," a pure retro electro vocal number.

Cicada recently released their much-anticipated sophomore album, "Roulette." The group first hit the European charts in 2006 with "You Got Me Feeling" and has delivered several hit singles and artist remixes since. The group consists of  Aaron Gilbert (aka Mr. Natural), Alex Payne and Icelandic vocalist Heidrun Anna Björnsdottir (formerly of GusGus).

Compared to the smooth Balearic dancefloor vibe of their 2006 debut album, "Roulette" ups the tempo with a sound that is decidedly more pop. “Pop isn’t a dirty word,” the band says in a press release. “From Saint Etienne to Santogold, it’s possible to do it credibly, we’re not techno DJs from Berlin, we’re just trying to make an album that, if someone finds it on their shelf and plays it in five years time, they can still enjoy the songs.”

Download Cicada "Psycho Thrills" (Dyebox Remix)

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