[REMIX] Listen to Jessie J "Who's Laughing Now" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)


Chiddy Bang's very own beat hustler Xaphoon Jones adds some spit and shine to Jessie J's new single "Who's Laughing Now" on a brand-new remix. With a banging new groove and some peppy new bells & whistles, Jones masterfully turns Jessie's powerful underdog anthem into a full-throttle dancefloor shaker. Nicely done. Listen to the revamp below.

In related Jessie J news, the singer is still on bed rest after emergency surgery on her foot. She was injured after an ugly fall that broke her foot in two places. She still managed to perform at the Glastonbury festival ten days ago, but now it is time to rehab and sit still (which can hardly be an easy thing for Jessie).  All of her near future appearances have been cancelled, including T in The Park, the iTunes London Festival and Lovebox in the U.K.

She tweeted fans an official statement this week about her condition. "Sorry doesn't feel enough to say, I am devastated for my fans that I know have been waiting to see me and working hard for tickets," she writes. "I have to remain positive and I promise I will make it up later in the year." No fun! Wishing Jessie a fast and speedy recovery. (Download "Who's Laughing Now" iTunes or Rdio.)

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Listen to Darwin Deez "Constellation" (Xaphoon Jones Bootleg Remix)


Xaphoon Jones, the savvy beatmaking half of Chiddy Bang, has been toying around with Darwin Deez's cosmic hippie joint "Constellation." The producer extraordinaire turns the crunchy alt-pop original into a glossy, hip pop jam with a few fun bells & whistles that is simply stellar. Leave it up to Xaphoon to mix it up and serve it hot.

Darwin Deez "Constellation" (Xaphoon Jones Bootleg Remix)

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Free MP3 Download: 2AM Club "Worry About You" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

After his remix of 2AM Club's "Nobody's In Love," Chiddy Bang's savvy soundboard wiz Xaphoon Jones now takes on the group's "Worry About You." The original track is taken from 2AM Club's debut LP "What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?" that is in stores now.

Combining solid songwriting with a cheeky sense of humor, the genre-mashing pop outfit of singer Marc Griffin, emcee Tyler Cordy, guitarist Matt Reagan, keyboard player Dave Dalton, drummer Ian O’Neill and bassist Matt Warshauer. is on the tipping point with dynamite material that is about to catch fire.

Their pal and summer tour mate Xaphoon Jones takes on the original acapellas, re-arranges the production and infuses "Worry About You" with a sparkly dose of buzzing hip hop swagger. It's a very nice twist on the original. Make sure to catch the group on tour with Mike Posner and Far East Movement over the next few weeks.

2AM Club "Worry About You" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

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Video: Arjan Chats with Chiddy Bang

Chiddy and Xaphoon of Chiddy Bang are gearing up for big and mighty things to come their way. The Philadelphia hip pop trio bursted on the scene with "The Opposite of Adults" that includes a sample MGMT's "Kids," which has spread like wildfire across Twitter, Facebook and blogs over the last few months. 

The group's fresh attitude and great chemistry invokes memories of some of the great and colorful hip hop duos of the past. In fact, in many ways, Chiddy Bang does their part invigorating the hip hop genre in an exciting new direction by infusion it with flaming dance beats, catchy pop melodies and alt-rock riffs while emphasizing spitfire lyricism throughout their music. Their fan base demonstrates the unique diversity of their music. Their biggest fans range from Williamsburg hipsters to Emory freshmen to Philadelphia "hood" kids. 

In September, the group will release their full-length debut album "The Swelly Life" that includes high-profile collaborations with Q-Tip and Pharrell Williams who co-produced the disc's title track.

In my video interview, Chiddy (the lyricist - left) and Xaphoon (the beatmeister - right) talk candidly about their rise to fame in both the U.S. and Europe. They also comment on their musical style and moving from their self-directed grassroots operations to working with a large record label to help promote their music. 

Make sure to scroll to the 13:00 minute mark to hear their take on Lady Gaga and what you can wake them up for in the middle of the night for. (Great chat guys! Thank you!)

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Listen to Kelis feat. Chiddy Bang "Acapella" (Ming Remix)


You may remember DJ/producer Aaron Albano (aka Ming) as one half of the legendary New York breakbeat duo Ming+FS who released four hugely successful albums, and opened for acts like Sting, Moby and Run DMC in the late nineties. Since then, Ming has been producing scores for countless television shows and video games - from CSI to Sex In The City, and from Wipeout Pure to NBA Ballers. He recently teamed up with new-hop duo Chiddy Bang to put together a groovy remake of Kelis' dancefloor filler "Acapella." Totally fun.

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